Frenzy on the Turf

Game on


Smiles glore

The Black Team

The Blue Team

The Cheerleaders

The Green Team

The Light Blue Team

The Red Team

The Seniors

The White Team

What a frenzy it is when you are competing and everybody is winning! One Friday afternoon, the IGTC students broke out of their academic routine to rejuvenate themselves with a game of football. A complete blend of seniors and juniors in every team made it even more interesting as it helped us to bond better and play in unison.  Six teams with eight players each contested each other for a knockout round.

Just imagine the enthralling pace of Miroslav Klose scoring a goal, we experienced a similar adrenaline rush. It was a close call with every match and every player giving their 100% in the game to win. The seniors were the pillars to handle the game and played a pivotal role in involving every member to play the game, strategize and motivate the juniors and peers. Every junior came with a determination to play and they proved themselves by their enthusiasm. Everyone played like true champions.  Boys and girls together made a mark by showing how much they enjoyed being a part of the team. Students who didn’t participate cheered for all and kept the momentum high. We play to win and win to play again. IGTCians learnt their first lesson, team spirit.

Missed opportunity is a lost opportunity. That is definitely not what football is all about. When you play, you stand up to the spirit of the game, lend a hand when a player falls, congratulate your opponent when you leave the ground and pat your players when you know they put their best foot forward. These could be all small things but it becomes a memorable experience when you share positivity both on and off the field. There is always room for criticisms but, remember; there is greater room for alacrity. And this captures the true spirit of IGTC.

We scored and enjoyed every minute of the game but when we now look back, we know what we truly learned.  When your Director encourages and sits in the crowd to cheer her students, you learn the true meaning of leadership and the qualities of a good leader. A team can only perform with the leader in its place.

Contributed by Harsh Sanghavi, PGPBA Batch 2014 – 2016