Biomimicry for Product Innovation and R&D

Biomimicry for Product Innovation and R&D

  • Biomimicry simply means 'copying from Nature'
  • Bios = Life + Mimicry = Imitate / Copy
  • Unlocking Nature’s Wisdom to build better products
  • Stimulate ‘out-of-box’ approach to innovation and R&D
  • Gain a new body of knowledge resources for further research
  • Interactive, engaging and insightful lecture presentations to create an awareness on the topic

Context Setting
  • What is Biomimicry?
  • What are the Principles?
  • Who practices Biomimicry?
  • How does it help in Product Innovation & RD?

Seeing Nature through a NEW Lens
  • Overview of Biomimicry Methodology
  • Using Nature as a Mentor
  • The 3 seeds of Biomimicry
  • Explore | Discover | Evaluate | Create Framework
  • Biology to Design
  • Challenge to Biology
  • Define Context
  • Discover Natural Models
  • Case studies and applications

The above course work will comprise presentation decks, case references and group discussions

Magesh is a visionary person who can think through the situations, has the capability to overcome complex situations and stay completely focused on the goal at hand. He has been a true inspiring leader able to motivate people and bring the best out of oneself. It has been great pleasure and learning while working with him.

Anindya Sadhu
Asst. Manager
HCL Technologies

    This course is designed to deliver across all levels of the organization. The lectures are based on real world ‘use cases’ and are easily relatable to wide range of participants.

  • 4 hours (in-class)
  • Magesh Srinivasan, a Speaker and Thought Leader in 21st Century Innovation, consults with CXOs and mentors Start-Up Founders globally.
  • Portfolio available at
  • Alumni of IGTC Batch 2000 sponsored by Bosch. Graduated from MIT Sloan School of Mgmt.'s Senior Leadership Executive Program in 2015.
  • Leads People, Process and P&L across Fortune 100 brands, travelled to 38 countries, 100 cities over his corporate career of 23 years.