Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers

Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers

  • Marketing is everybody’s responsibility because the customer or consumer is the ‘raison d’être’.
  • This program attempts to sensitize and orient corporate personnel from all disciplines and departments to the customer / consumer.
  • Through the use of examples and case studies, the program shall take you though both theory and practice.
  • With exercises, simulations and role-plays, the program shall engage the participants in building marketing frameworks to ensure competitive advantage for their own organization.

The Holistic Marketing Orientation

Benchmarking to Improve Performance
  • The art and science of understanding market segmentation, targeting and positioning; marketing mix

What influences Customer Behaviour?
  • Building, attracting, retaining and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value

Customer Expectation Management
  • Maximizing customer lifetime value

Market Sensing
  • Market intelligence, identifying and analyzing shifts in marketing trends

Competitive frame of reference
  • Importance of product positioning

Marketing Communication
  • 8 methods of communication to create strong brands

Formulation of Strategy
  • Analyze the marketing plan, concept development and evaluation

As a trainer, Rajeev is a task master using velvet gloves! His programmes are extremely well organised. They are highly focused on outcomes and bring out an ability to see multiple dimensions in a situation before taking crucial decisions. Being a people’s person, he sprinkles his programmes with the right values, warmth, enthusiasm and humour that will make you love him.
Srikanth DS
CEO and Managing Director
Les Concierges

    Professionals from all functions who wish to be sensitized to a new paradigm of marketing and want to contribute toward the organizational marketing objectives

  • 16 hours
  • 2 days of 8 hours (in-class)
  • 4 sessions of 4 hours (online)
  • Rajeev Chawla, Chief Learning and Operations Officer at Blue Tree, is a post-graduate in management and law
  • 28 years of corporate experience in the field of Sales, Marketing & Operations at senior management positions
  • Engaged as a management and brand consultant, and corporate trainer for executive programmes in the area of leadership and motivation, sales and marketing, negotiation strategies and personal productivity skills
  • Heads the Public Relations & Corporate Communications course at Xavier's Institute of Communication, and visiting faculty at several business schools in the country