Executive Business Management Programme


Stay agile, Innovative and Resilient - Invest In Yourself

Engaging in lifelong learning and updating your skills is no longer a luxury but a necessity to keep abreast with change. Executives that show resilience, flexibility and innovation in the midst of disruption are the ones most prepared to lead their organizations.

What Makes a Good Leader?

An executive leader’s credibility, authority and ability to keep teams focused and manage successful business units are under constant scrutiny, especially in times of global economic uncertainties. An effective executive management program provides you with the critical skills to lead your organization to success through a series of seven core learning objectives to achieve specific performance outcomes at your organization.

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Leadership


The IGTC EBMP is a holistic management training programme designed for professionals, seasoned managers, and entrepreneurs in the industrial and manufacturing sector. It imparts the skills you need to gain a strategic mindset, build high-performing teams, and become a more effective and authentic leader.

The IGTC EBMP is now open to working professionals nationwide. It is offered in two flexible, part-time options:

  • 12-month alternate weekend format in Mumbai and Pune
  • 16-month quarterly format of 9-day blocks in Mumbai

Programme Features

Attend live classes in the part-time 12-months Alternate Weekend Format or 16 months Quarterly Block Format to cover all aspects of management and leadership.

Apply the German Dual System merging German precision and excellence with Indian innovation and agility.

Learn from India's top B-School faculty with rich corporate and academic exposure.

Engage in lectures, presentations, case studies and group projects, with entrepreneurially-driven, industry professional from diverse backgrounds.

Grow with expert feedback and assessment on a live project or an integrated business plan to accelerate the growth and profitability of your organization.

Earn a Management Certification from Indo-German Chamber of Commerce(IGCC).

Enhance intercultural understanding with 'Business Environment Germany', an intensive study trip to DHBW Karlsruhe, Germany (optional).


Leading Industry Experts and Thought Leaders from the World of Management


  • Organizational Structure, Strategy & Culture
  • Managerial Functions
  • 2020- A Study in Resilience
  • Globalization
  • Global Geo-Politics
  • WTO: Policies & Agreements
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution (I4.0)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Risk
  • PESTEL, SWOT & VRIO Analysis
  • Porter’s 5 Force
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Generic Strategies
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Strategic Cost & Profitability Management
  • Aligning Process to Purpose
  • Lean Thinking & Kaizen Costing
  • Cost Leadership & Differentiation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Lean Operations
  • Operations Systems
  • Variability Analysis
  • Automation & Capacity Decisions
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Total Quality Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • SCM Tools & Techniques
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • LP & Transportation Models
  • Financial Statements & Annual Reports
  • DuPont Ratio Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Break-even Analysis & Capital Budget
  • Foreign Exchange & Currency Exposure
  • Global Financing Options
  • Macro & Micro Economics
  • Global Imbalance
  • Monetary & Fiscal Policy
  • Keynesian Economics
  • Aneel Kernani's Growth Matrix
  • Business Law & Corporate Tax
  • 8Ps of Marketing
  • B2B & B2C Marketing
  • Branding & Communications
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Digital Sales & Digital Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Product Development & Life Cycle
  • The Gap Model
  • Business Statistics
  • Time Series Forecasting Methods
  • Digital Revolution
  • Technology & Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Agile Management
  • Big Data
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Centricity
  • Prototyping Solutions
  • Leadership Styles
  • Decision-Making Models
  • Competency Based Hiring
  • Performance Management
  • Workplace Conflicts
  • Culture & Change
  • Industrial Relations
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Interpersonal Response Style
  • Mental Frameworks & Inner Certainty

The programme culminates with the presentation of an integrated business plan on a live project

Business Environment Germany Intensive Study Trip to DHBW Karlsruhe, Germany (Optional)

*IGTC reserves the right to change the syllabus and course structure of the programme, as per the changes in the academic and corporate environment.

Corporate Projects

Purposeful Learning With Live Corporate Projects

Adapting to Conservation & Sustainable Development at Bosch:

At IGTC, learning is experiential. We learn, absorb and immediately demonstrate Key Process Improvement at our organizations. At Bosch, we worked on an eco-conscious and value-added cause to reduce automotive emissions. Our project explored development of BS VI injectors for LCV vehicles with lowest cost and ease of adaptability, with future potential for other heavy-duty applications. Understanding age of disruption, legalities and VUCA ecosystem ae essential concepts we learnt in this course- how to implement this at our individual workplaces is up to us.

Implementing a Product Localization Project at Siemens:

To determine whether to bring activities in-house or to outsource involves a pragmatic analysis of various costs and associated risks. Driven by the spirit of the 'Make in India' program, we explored a business idea at Siemens to replace an imported product to improve market share and profit margin. We used PESTEL & SWOT Analysis which leaned in favour of localizing the imported part by identifying the market potential, investment and payback calculations, development of the product in India and release for locals well as global markets.

Certificate Benefits

Our Industry connections run deep. Start talking advantage of them today.

  • Expand your competencies and skills to step-up, inspire and lead teams and organizations.
  • Access a professional network of over 5,500 IGCC member companies.
  • Develop a holistic perspective and analytical rigor to strengthen your knowledge.
  • Learn from India’s top Business School faculty with rich corporate and academic exposure.
  • Belong to a global fraternity of over 2000 IGTC alumni and continue lifelong learning.
  • Gain instant recognition with India’s leading Indo-German companies such as BASF, Bosch, DHL, Mercedes Benz, Siemens among many others.

Your Way Forward

  • High performing individuals, techpreneurs, business owners, industry professionals with over 3 years of experience are eligible to apply.
  • Application forms to be filled Online, supported by an endorsement letter from the organization and with an application fee of Rs 2,000/- + 9% CGST + 9% SCGST.
  • Programme Fees are Rs. 2,00,000/- + 9% CGST + 9% SGST payable online or cheque should be made in favour of Indo-German Training Centre.

Apply Now:
  • 12-month alternate weekend format in Mumbai and Pune
  • 16-month quarterly format of 9-day blocks in Mumbai

EBMP Alumni in Key Roles & Organizations

Confidence, Vision and Excellence for Achievers

Frequently Asked Questions?

I’m already a mid-level manager, why should I go back to the books?

An EBMP is an investment you are making in yourself, the success of your organization and your future. Continuous learning and acquiring relevant skills are important for all professionals to remain agile, resilient and innovative. But, it is crucial for managers who aim to lead teams and organizations in a more refined and efficient way. Gaining a strong foundation in General Management facilitates holistic cross-functional understanding of business and critical decision- making abilities that help you step up, inspire and lead.

What are the learning objectives?

IGTC EBMP features a unique industry-focused curriculum delivered by India's top Business School faculty, industry experts, and thought-leaders. It covers all aspects of management and leadership across 7 modules:

Vision, Strategy, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Innovation and Leadership Skills.

The EBMP provides a toolkit to experienced executives who aim to develop their managerial skills, broaden their outlook and develop leadership and critical-thinking skills. Final assessment is based on the presentation of a live key project or business plan with direct impact on your company. This culminating final project puts all your learning to action and helps you evolve with expert guidance, feedback and a deep learning opportunity with faculty-mentors.Click here to read more.

What is my time commitment?

Good question! Though it is a flexible, part-time class geared towards the needs of working professionals, the course curriculum is rigorous and covers all the general management tools needed for the modern business environment. Typically 10-12 hours per week of instruction and home study in the weekend format and approximately 90 hours per quarter in the block format.

What will this cost me or my sponsoring organization?

As a not-for-profit management training division of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, IGTC is able to extend great value for a world-class executive education. Our EBMP is one of the most affordable programs at Rs. 2,00,000 + 9% CGST and 9% SGST. We highly recommend adding membership to the IGCC for the networking, business and marketing benefits extended to members. Most candidates are recommended by their companies, but this is open to any individuals or entrepreneurs who are self-sponsored. Please contact us directly for flexible payment options, we’re here to support your interest in life-long learning.

How do I enroll?

Application forms to be filled online supported by an endorsement letter from the organization and with an application fee of Rs. 2000/- + 9% CGST + 9% SGST.

Why is IGCC membership recommended and how much does it cost?

The annual subscription is Rs. 5000/- and an admission fee of Rs. 5000/-. Total 10000/- + 18% GST. The charges payable for the half-yearly membership are Rs. 2500/- membership fee (June-Dec 2020) and Rs. 5000/-, one-time admission fee. Total payable will be Rs. 7500/- + 18% GT = Rs. 8850/-.

The benefits include

  • Complimentary copy of the IGCC's bi-monthly business journal Indo- German Economy
  • Monthly newsletter with details of events, Trade Fairs, Chamber Services etc.
  • Circulation of inquiries in German Trade Publications
  • Invitations to major Events of the Chamber which offer very good networking opportunities
  • Invitations to local Events of the Chamber on specialized & current subjects of interest
  • Invitation for B2B meetings during Delegations
  • Support to get a recommendation letter for visa application to Germany

What is the Business Environment Germany?

Every year in July, IGTC offers an optional 10-day study trip to the IGTC partner university – Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) who hosts IGTC students and participating managers in Karlsruhe, Germany. This exchange has become a highlight in the IGTC EBMP and PGPBA Programmes as it not only promotes an understanding of Germany’s business culture and its people, but is packed with a good balance of business and social lessons from an intercultural perspective. Read more about the Business Environment Germany programme

What are documents required for application?

The candidates have to submit a letter of recommendation by a senior colleague/ mentor. The format can be downloaded on the application form portal.

Where is IGTC?

IGTC Mumbai Address: 2 - B, Vulcan Insurance Building, 2nd Floor, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020.

IGTC Pune Class Venue: Crowne Plaza Pune City Center, Bund Garden Rd, Pune 411001
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