Indirect Tax (GST) Laws & Procedures

Indirect Tax (GST) Laws & Procedures

  • GST is a huge reform for indirect taxation, the likes of which the country has not seen Post-Independence.
  • A comprehensive indirect tax levy subsuming all central and state levies with a single unified value added tax transforming the nation into one single market. Major Central and State taxes are subsumed into GST which will reduce the multiplicity of taxes, and thus bring down the compliance cost.
  • This programme aims to help individuals to gain clarity on concepts and become knowledgeable about the recent regulations with an overview of GST-related matters.

Core Concept of Value Added Tax and applicability of GST in India
  • Principle of VAT/GST adopted across the Globe vis-à-vis the manner of taxation adopted in our country.

Concept of Input Tax Credit
  • This being the heart of GST Law, various case study based issues are discussed and deliberated
  • Impact of Matching and Non – Matching of Invoices
  • Assessing the Blocked Credits under GST

Concept of Place of Supply under GST
  • This aspect is most relevant in determining the export and import of goods/services.

Procedures and Compliances under GST
  • Concept of E-Way Bill and E-invoicing and its applicability
  • Understanding the Return Filing Process
Death and taxes are two unavoidable realities. While death cannot be simplified, you have definitely eased the hand of taxes . The extent of your patience plays an instrumental role when you deliver a subject as complicated. It’s not unheard of a young prodigy teaching a group of people, some of the same age and others older, but it is incredibly rare.
Jesal Sampat
Executive Director
Pune Gas Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    Professionals engaged in any business set up to have an overall understanding of GST impact on their professional role

  • 6 hours
  • 1 days of 6 hours (in class)
  • 3 sessions of 2 hours (online)
  • Keval Shah, Director of CEDGE Ventures Private Limited, Chartered Accountant, Advocate by qualification
  • Regular faculty at various professional forums like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, The Chamber of Tax Consultants etc
  • Delivered multiple training programs for various government institutions on GST
  • Involved in various representations to Government on the Model GST Laws