Intercultural Adaptors

Programme Details: Cultural differences between nations are a BIG deal in business. In spite of employing highly qualified and experienced professionals, organizations experience sub-optimal outcomes when working with other cultures. Differences in cultural values are hard to observe and even harder to deal with. The traditional approach of providing people ‘cultural sensitization’ has major limitations. The programme on Intercultural Adaptors is designed based on widely accepted models of cultural values, and will allow seamless working between cultures and free up professionals and managers to do what they do best.

  • Concept of Cultural Values and Impact on Business
  • Experiencing cultural differences in negotiating and in failed merger
  • Cultural value differences – Ed Hall’s Factors, Trompenaars’ Dimensions, Schwartz’ Value Orientations, Hoftstede’s 6D Model
  • Concept of Adaptors to address the challenges – verbal and non-verbal communication, building and maintaining trust
  • Organization/Individual ‘Change Plans’, Feedback and Golden Nuggets

Trainer Profile: Jugal Choudhary, an alum of Harvard Business School, Boston, is accredited in Intercultural Management by The Hofstede Centre, Helsinki. He is a visiting faculty at IIM, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. He has conducted workshops and given talks globally (including Harvard Business School) on Integrated Global Working, Virtual Teaming, Working across Cultures, Leadership in a Flat World etc. His unique approach of creating ‘Adaptors’ to connect across cultures has been successfully applied by global business organizations, mostly in Europe.

Training Dates: 2nd March 2021(1 day)
Fees: Rs. 7000/- + 18% GST
Venue: Attend at IGTC Mumbai / Online on Zoom


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