EBMP 13th Mumbai Batch 2022-2023: Every achievement is worth celebrating and every milestone is an opportunity for growth.

The joyous occasion of IGTC’s Certificate Ceremony of Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) Mumbai batch 2022-2023 was conducted on 16th September 2023 at The InterContinental Hotel, Marine Drive. We witnessed an event that encompassed inspiration, celebration, and mixed emotions. It was not just a moment of great achievement for all the participants who successfully completed IGTC’s (EBMP), but also pride and joy for their friends, families, and colleagues.

EBMP Mumbai batch had embarked on this promising journey with managers across various functions from organizations such as ABB India, AEQUS, BASF, Covestro, Circor Industrial Pumps, Decimal Point Analytics, GEP, Lubrizol India, NRB Bearings, Oetiker India, Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Technology and Services, TATA Projects, among others. For the first time, we were honoured to have a participant from the Indian Navy. The average work experience of this class was 12 years.

The ceremony commenced with the uplifting IGTC Anthem that filled the air with enthusiasm and motivation. The presence of our esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Divakar Gokhale, Head of Mobility and Head of Business Development, Indian Sub-continent from Covestro India Private Limited added to the significance of this event as he shared words of wisdom and encouragement.

The distribution of certificates and trophies marked a symbolic milestone in the academic journey of the Managers representing their perseverance, hard work, and commitment towards pursuing excellence in IGTC’s management training programme. The faculty members took this opportunity to address our bright awardees, firstly by acknowledging the sacrifices made by their families and expressing their expectations for them to take higher leaps in their careers with these additional management skills as a feather in their caps.

In the initial stage of capstone selection process, students were asked to choose team members to form groups and submit their topic for projects they would like to work on. The participants worked in teams throughout their training and collectively put up a good show for their final Vivas.

Some of the topics selected by the participants for their projects were:

  • Launching of cost-effective MRI Machine with AI and Dry Cooled Technology
  • Aftermarket Tropical Coolant
  • Feasibility Study for business growth
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Green Consulting
  • Potential of in-house Tool Manufacturing

Over the span of 12 incredible months, they truly captured our hearts and formed an inseparable bond, transforming their learning journey into a joyful and unforgettable experience.

The ceremony concluded with a heartfelt message urging all our freshly minted alumni to stay engaged with IGTC and continue to be an integral part of our community by getting involved in various events and activities, they can further enhance their knowledge, network with industry professionals, and contribute towards shaping a promising future for themselves as well as our aspiring students. Overall, this event served as an inspiration for all attendees.

The next EBMP Mumbai batch commenced in September this year. The upcoming batches start as follows:

  • 10th Pune Batch | Classes held in Pune on Alternate Weekends | Commencing on 10th February 2024
  • 4th All India Batch | Classes held in Mumbai for 6 blocks of 9 days each, once in every quarter | Commencing on 13th April 2024

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