Celebrating the success of 3rd All India Batch of the Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP) in Mumbai, 2023-2024

Amidst loud cheers from the participants, guests, corporate partners, faculty members and families, the celebration for the certificate ceremony of the EBMP 3rd All India batch 2023-2024 took place at Hotel InterContinental in Mumbai in April 2024. The EBMP’s All-India batch caters to an extensive audience and has nationwide reach. This evening was graced with the presence of Mr. Sunil Nair, our distinguished Chief Guest and Vice President- HR, India and South Asia at DHL Global Forwarding.

The evening was opened with a warm welcome by Mira Dalvi Sahni, Director IGTC and Stefan Halusa, Director General, IGCC to the dignitaries, corporate partners, faculty members, parents, and graduating students. They congratulated the graduating participants, their efforts over the last 16 months as well as their excellent support systems at office and home, which allowed them to reach successful completion of the programme. Mr. Sunil Naik congratulated the graduating class on their success and acknowledged their efforts in balancing between office and family.

This batch commenced in January 2023 with 20 managers from 9 organizations- Asian Prelam Industries, Decimal Point Analytics, DHL Logistics, EDAG Production Solutions India, Hettich Competence Services, Shah International, Siemens Technology and Services, SMS India and Voith Turbo, with participants hailing from 8 different states – Delhi, Haryana, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. The cumulative experience of this batch was a staggering 300 years.

The 54-days training programme was conducted over 6 blocks of 9 days each and lectures were held quarterly at IGTC Mumbai, and ensured concentrated training, high focus and attention, while providing a refreshing break from their daily business routine.

Before the formal certificate distribution ceremony, two of the graduating managers represented the batch, and took the floor to share their learning experiences via an audio-visual presentation highlighting how their 16- months of journey at IGTC has not only imparted knowledge and skills but also helped fostered strong personal and professional bonds amongst participants.

Some of the colleagues and representatives who attended this event acknowledged the hard work and success of their employees. Such recognitions serves to boost the participants’ morale as well as reinforced the value their company places on professional development and continuous learning.

This programme’s effectiveness has also been a result of the strong curriculum and our esteemed faculty members who teach at IGTC. Their passion for teaching and commitment to excellence has been commendable for years. They have been instrumental in shaping the academic journey of our students. Their dedication and mentorship have also been the driving force behind the success of this batch. The presence of our faculty members was not only a mark of honor and tradition but also deeply meaningful for IGTC and the graduating batch. Having taught and guided them throughout their academic journey, representing both the educational achievement and the personal growth of each graduating individual. They celebrated the accomplishments of their students and gave them a proper send-off into the next phase of their lives. It was indeed a moment of pride for both the faculty and the graduates, highlighting the end of a significant chapter and the beginning of a new one. This batch was lucky to have Dr. Harkand Mankad, Dr. Suhas Rane, Mr. Sagar Narsian, Mr. Sudhakar Kasture and Mr. Rajesh Singla witness this event.

The presence and involvement of their family members who shared their perspectives on watching their loved ones receive this honour, further added a personal touch to the occasion. It highlights the importance of the support systems in the success of individuals pursuing education alongside their professional and personal responsibilities.

The evening concluded with gratitude extended by the Programme Manager, Shilpa Herft ccongratulating this graduating class of EBMP 3rd All India Batch 2023-2024. And hoping that as an Alumni, their association with IGTC will stay forever.