Making Sense out of Economics

Making Sense out of Economics

  • In 2022 and beyond, Indian and global economy have been more VUCA than ever before, changing rapidly and unpredictably to say the least.
  • The post-pandemics and post-Ukraine changing economies necessitate that professionals learn to analyse the forces that drive economies, interpret the significance of change, assess the direction of change, evaluate the impact of change and prepare defining and implementing strategic responses. Such learning is essential.

  • Can anyone make sense out of economics today? If no, why not? If yes, why?
  • Will pandemic continue its nefarious grip on national and global economy in 2022 and beyond?
  • What economic indicators behold for 2022 and beyond? For sadists? For hopefuls? Which ones to track?
  • Is the combustion engine dead? Oil, what happens to it now?
  • China – the wild card. Is India, the “+”, in global “China+” strategy?
  • Is Atmanirbhar Bharat a good idea? Is it a spaceship? Or a rig?
  • Are we witnessing a trend of deglobalisation? Do we welcome it? Why or why not?
  • Technology and business. Who is changing whom?
  • Has the time come for redefining old economic concepts of demand and supply?

A true master because of his continued quest for knowledge of Economics - The Hidden Truth of Everything, Dr. Mankad’s passion for intellect is reflective of who he is. With his gentle narrative, he manages to clear the blurring lines of reality and transport us to not only relive the pages of history but also to travel in time to the future.
Shreya Joshi
Director - Quality
Knorr-Bremse Technology Center

    Middle and senior management professionals

  • 6 hours
  • 1 day (in-class)
  • 2 sessions of 3 hours (online)
  • Dr. Mankad, a Ph.D. in International Finance from the University of Bombay backed by one year’s Post-Doctoral studies at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Six decades of Indian and international teaching experience
  • Ex-CEO, Technova in 1980s, Ex-Vice-Chancellor of NMIMS, Mumbai and of Mody University, Rajasthans
  • Loved by students for his easy story telling style simplifying complex concepts, makes economics tasty and palatable by seasoning it with politics, history, geopolitics and social psychology