On 25th April 2018, everything changed in the blink of an eye. The feeling of being granted the prestigious German Chancellor Fellowship as a Prospective Leader from India was beyond my imagination. Words fell short and my eyes became hazy with the clouds of my dreams coming true.
My German connection started in 2010 when I joined IGTC with a speck of knowledge of what impact it could make on my career and my life. In the year 2011, I became the first recipient of the Bayer Scholarship which ushered in another golden opportunity for me and, hence, I went on to join the Bayer Group.

During my work experience in the field of Procurement, I had an inclination towards Sustainable Procurement aimed at, both, protecting the organizational interests and developing a mind-set which would have a positive impact on the society. Thus, this fellowship turned out to be a natural progression for me towards my goal.

I conceived the idea of the project in the year 2016 and started working towards it under the able guidance of my IGTC professor and former colleagues. India is still a developing economy with its manufacturing sector growing at a faster pace than ever before. Sadly, sustainable practices are seldom followed and the concept of sustainability in procurement is still at a very nascent stage. Hence, I believe that this is a great time for me to receive this fellowship as India with its “Make in India” initiative is at the forefront of becoming a manufacturing hub and with my research; I will be able to contribute towards the adoption of best procurement practices at a very appropriate time.

Germany is a leader in technology and a huge research power house and what better way to learn than to get an opportunity to stay within the country and learn from the experts.

Humboldt German Chancellor Fellowship is a program which nurtures the leaders of tomorrow who have the potential to build bridges between India and Germany and ability to discuss the issues of modern society, meanwhile, fostering career development as well. It not only brings prospective leaders from different countries together but also provides a platform for exchange of ideas.

All said, I believe that the German Chancellor Fellowship is a door to infinite opportunities to explore, meet & interact with influencers, government officials, business executives, university professors and international fellows with whom we can share our views on globalization and progressive economy. This is going to act as a catalyst in the trajectory of my career.

I am looking forward to work on my project with my host Prof. Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich, (President, Professor of Strategic Supply Management), Cologne Business School. She is a well-known expert in the field of Green Procurement Strategies and has conducted lot of research in the area of Sustainability. This stay will allow me to learn from the experiences of leading faculty in my domain and industry experts while enhancing and expanding my knowledge and skills in the field of procurement.
Finally, my goal is to meet the objectives of my research project by equipping myself with the best practices of Germany and making a positive impact on the procurement practices followed.

My piece of advice to everyone who wants to be a part of this prestigious program is to think different, dream big, believe in yourself and dare to achieve it!

Keep exploring!
Indian BuKa – Vaishali Baid