Siemens Financial Services

Sunil Kapoor

Managing Director & CEO

Siemens Financial Services

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world today. For businesses to remain relevant and continue to be sustainable, we fundamentally require talent with top-notch knowledge of the sciences of business management and an understanding of the practical nature of working in the industry. But more importantly, we require human beings who are well versed with the contemporary trends of this fast-paced, digitalized world and understand the changing needs of global consumers and thus markets, as they are today.

Indo-German Training Centre’s (IGTC) pedagogy of the Dual Education System provides its students with effective, value adding internships with German firms in various Indian industries; while maintaining the importance of continuously developing oneself as a global citizen and honing one’s conduct and corporate ethos. It is this balance that has provided us with candidates of excellent stupor, contributing across functions at Siemens Financial Services.

The House of Siemens has been a Founding Member of IGTC in India, and boasts of IGTC alumni in each and every one of its divisions. Siemens Financial Services, a more recent recruiter from IGTC, has already begun experiencing the industry-readiness of its candidates as they win accolades for their performance at the workplace within a short duration of having taken term.

We are proud to partner with IGTC in India, and will continue to support the institution in its endeavour to provide competent and industry-ready prowess, one batch after another.