Siemens Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Vivek Kanade

Managing Director

Siemens Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

My first official visit to IGTC, was as the Chief Guest, during the Certification Function of the Executive Business Management Programme (EBMP). This particular course is meant for experienced professionals, and I can only imagine the challenge while developing the curriculum, because the content needs to be tailor-made. I think IGTC has done a great job by introducing this course, as our employees who successfully completed it, have stepped out on a happy note. It has indeed helped them professionally, to step up a notch higher, and think holistically.

At Siemens Healthineers, we also encourage internships for IGTC’s regular MBA students, and a few have been eventually employed with us as well. We definitely see a different spark and passion among these youngsters, for which I would like to recognize IGTC and its professors. We clearly see the learning in their work.

Over the years, the relationship between the two organizations, has only enhanced. IGTC has been doing a commendable job in the field of education, generating talent and shaping the future, of the youth of India. Siemens Healthineers would continue to support IGTC in this field.