Ms.Jane Nazareth, Head - Logistics and Supply Chain, Mr.Rupesh Basu, Head - Talent Acqusition, Mr.Ramesh Shankar, Exective VP, Human Resources of Siemens with IGTC graduates recruited by Siemens

We sincerely thank all our Recruiting Partners

14th Mar 2016

2016 is a significant year for the Indo-German Training Centre (GTC), as it marks 25 years of successfully practicing the famed German Dual Education model in India. Placement for the 57 students of the PGPBA Batch 2014-2016 commenced in January 2016 immediately after the final training phase was completed and by end of February more than 80% of the students were placed – a new IGTC record!  They got placed in the field of Sales and Marketing, Corporate Finance, Plant Controlling, Legal and Compliance, Human Resources, Operations, Corporate Communications, to name a few. Despite the challenging market conditions, this phenomenal rate of placement reiterated the recognition given to the IGTC for their high quality management training and values by the Indo-German business community!

The first student to get placed was Unmesh Chandak who got his Offer Letter in October 2015 by his training company Hirschvogel Components India Pvt. Ltd. even before starting his final internship phase in the month of November 2015. This is what he had to say about his journey from an intern to an employee:  “My internship projects were really helpful to learn new tools and techniques in Operations. The confidence and inspiration given by my mentors helped me to perform better. Now my new challenge is to develop Hirschvogel production System in-line with Toyota Production System and I am really excited about working on this project.”

Even this batch had a significant conversion of internships into employment as the General Business Management curriculum of IGTC gives a strong base to management career across various functions in companies. One such example is Ketki Sonawane, a qualified Electrical Engineer who interned with Siemens Ltd. and now is part of their Corporate Communication team: “Siemens has been an amazing learning opportunity during my internship tenure. Now I am more excited to learn the insights of the Corporate Communications department. I consider myself very fortunate to join the same organization along with the same team where I was interning with.”

Incidentally Siemens, a Founding Member Organization of the IGTC, has been one of the biggest recruiter this year with around 15% students placed with the company.  Bosch Limited and GEP Consulting have also been major recruiting partners with 19% of the students placed in these two companies. Siddhant Karnik, who interned and got placed with Bosch at their plant in Nashik recollects those moments: “I still remember the selection process at IGTC, the joy of getting a chance to intern with Bosch was immense. Internship was just a stepping stone I had landed upon. The next thing step was to be a Boschler. Today I can proudly say YES I AM A BOSCHLER”

Prestigious partnering organizations associated with IGTC are dream employers for many students. Ajita Shringarpure , trained by Rittal India and placed with Mercedes Benz through the IGTC  Open Placement process had this to say: “Who hasn’t heard of Mercedes Benz? Yet, never even in my wildest dreams had I thought of working there. I am joining Mercedes as Manager – After Sales and I am incredibly excited about it! It’s a new adventure for me; something which would have been impossible to achieve without IGTC!” 

This year, the IGTC also welcomed new associates like Terragni Consulting to its fold. Prajkta Shimpi, who got placed through Open Placement with Terragni Consulting, shares her journey:“IGTC stands out differently among all other MBA institutes because of its unique placement process structure! I was interning with Knorr- Bremse Technology Centre, and during my internship was in the HR department, I realised that I wanted to pursue my career in HR related processes. I focused all my energy and all my hard work in the placements and I got placed with Terragni Consulting Pvt. Ltd. I consider this as a big time opportunity as lot of exposure is involved in the profile”.

Other key recruiting partners at IGTC have been B Braun Medical India, Baja Aliianz General Insurance Co., Bharat Forge , Bayer Group, Bosch Group, Cerebrus Consulting, Colliers International, DBOI global Services, Evolute Group, Extentia Information Technology, GEP Consulting, Groz-Beckert, Häfele India,  KSB Pumps, LAPP Group,  Neilsoft Limited, Oasis Resource Management, Schaefer Systems, Schaeffler Group, Sheorey Digital Systems, TÜV India and Urban Ladder.

It is moment of great pride and happiness as these students start their career with these renowned organisations and we hope sky is the only limit for their achievements. The PGPBA 2015-2017 will be a new challenge altogether with 78 students graduating – an all-time record at the IGTC! But with the continuous faith and support from the industry, faculty, alumni and all others who have so far immensely contributed to the success of the Placement Process, we look forward to 2017 placements!