The Placement season at IGTC for Batch 2010-12 commenced with a big bang with close to 50% of the batch of 48 having been retained by their training companies. It was only a close- knit group of about 25 students which formed the core placement team. Despite the upheavals in the economy of the West, this year too, the students have been welcomed into the fold by many reputed German companies in India like BASF, Bayer, Bosch Limited, Bosch Auto Electronics, Deutsche Bank, Dr. Oetkar, Evonik Degussa, Hella, Lanxess, Nielsoft, Protos, Siemens, Schaeffler Group, Volkswagen and many more.

The whole process converted the serious management institute into a close resemblance to a Wedding Planner’s office. There were brides and grooms lined up to be wedded to their prospective companies. The atmosphere of utmost professionalism coupled with anticipation and excitement, filled the IGTC premises as the classrooms were converted to Group Discussion and gruelling Interview rooms.

We have a few students expressing their views on the placement season this year; Sayama Kazi of Evonik Degussa India Ltd expresses “If you believe that dreams come true, there’s One that’s waiting there for you…”  As per normal standards the placement time starts in December. But for me the celebration came well before Diwali in 2011. After two successful internships in Sales & Marketing division, I had a Pre-Placement Offer letter as Business Development Manager. The German Dual Education system works wonders for anyone who believes in it like it did for me and all my batchmates”.

Vaidehi Limaya of Lanxess feels “After completing a tedious one and a half year of Business Administration course, what one would ideally want is a job placement which compliments all the hard work put in this education. Placements at IGTC assured that our hard work was put to good use. With known companies approaching this institute with interesting profiles, everyone here had something or the other to interest us. We were also well versed to face the grilling company interviews as we had prepared to face them with our mock interview experience”.

Kanchan Sumant was delighted to be recruited by Bajaj Allianz. She says “The experience I gained during my 6 months practical training at Volkswagen India helped me immensely to crack the rigorous selection processes conducted by the companies at IGTC. The projects which I worked on in VW enhanced the knowledge we acquired during our academic terms and gave me confidence to appear for interviews.  Eery effort was taken by IGTC to provide for student’s preferences regarding the companies and job profiles. Thus each of us has got what we aimed at and desired for before coming to IGTC”.

For Tanaya Gupte placement at IGCC was a cherry-on-top. “Having worked in an organization with German culture, I always knew that after the 18 month PGPBA at IGTC I wanted to continue working in a German organization. Keeping this interest in mind, Ms. Radhieka Mehta entrusted IGCC with the responsibility to train me. My mentor at IGCC Pune was extremely supportive throughout the training period. After experiencing the work culture, it wasn’t too difficult for me to make this decision. I am glad that I trained and I am placed with IGCC”.

For Zenia Vajifdar the Deutsche Bank experience was quite enriching, “The Group Discussion round was interactive and fun, thanks to the freshness of the topic of debate. The final interview round which lasted for about 45 minutes, was extremely well-balanced, covering issues from personal to technical to social. The experience was an insight into the detailed and systematic method of processing of a German enterprise”.” She was glad to be in our dream company.

Shilpa Sood of Bosch Limited was overwhelmed to get a dream profile in her dream company. She expresses “I guess God was happy; I might have done some good deed somewhere that Bosch had an opening for a Business Analyst Role. My past work experience in procurement made me realize that I liked working with data, I had even enjoyed stats sessions in class and so my affinity towards the role. The interview was grilling, no doubt, I spoke about the statistical models, the research methodology as well as my learnings from my previous company but the VP was so supportive and friendly that it made me feel at ease which helped me give the interview to the best of my ability. This is one of the many things that I appreciate about Bosch, all the employees irrespective of their profile and post are so warm, that it speaks volumes about the values and the integrity of the company. All in all I feel very contented to be placed in the company I always wanted to get in.

Jatinkumar Ashara was overwhelmed to get an opportunity to face senior panels from organizations such as Bosch, Deutsche Bank AG, Bajaj Allianz and many more. He feels “The experience of facing the panel and sharing the rich experience gained from theory as well as practical training is beyond description.” Similarly Saumya Poojari of Siemens also feels that getting the right exposure was essential and IGTC was successful in moulding her in a manner to give the best in whatever she does.

For Manzoor Ahmed of Bosch Limited getting placed in this top German MNC was a dream come true. He believes “The constant guidance of the Faculty, application oriented approach towards studies right from the beginning and being groomed towards corporate etiquettes helped me extensively to transform my personality from an engineer to a responsible management professional”.

For the Director, Ms. Radhieka Mehta, the most satisfying part of the whole placement process was the fact that the students have been able to secure dream profiles in excellent German companies and are all set to begin a new journey.

While the encouraging response of the recruiters has already spread warmth during this chilly season, the present trend of recruitment is an ample testimony of the fact that IGTC stands for excellence in business education and the kind of faith recruiters have in the brand and the student quality.