Beating the market blues, final placements for the PGPBA Batch 2013 – 2015 at Indo-German Training Centre made an incredible beginning with many students being absorbed by their training organizations and the remaining students finding their match through the Open Placement Process which commenced in January 2015.

Multinational organizations such as Amazon, B Braun Medical India, Baja Aliianz General Insurance Co., Barry-Wehmiller International Resources, BASF Group, Bayer Group, Bosch Group, Electro Mech Material Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd., Fuchs Lubricants India, Habasit Iakoka Pvt. Ltd., Mercedes-Benz India, Neilsoft Limited, Nepa India, Schaeffler Group, Siemens, Steinbach & Partner, Urban Ladder and Wacker Metroark are the key recruiting partners at IGTC till date.

Nishita Naidu, the first from the batch to receive a pre-placement offer from her training company – Archroma India Pvt. Ltd. expresses “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparations – This stands true for every IGTC student. At IGTC we are prepared to take on every knocking opportunity or challenge and are able to turn them into success stories. The course is structured in such a way that every student gets to experience the best of both worlds that is in terms of faculty and industry exposure through the 3 stints at the assigned training company. Being the first to be placed just after my second stint, I believe, this has been possible only because of how the German Dual System has been structured and how it help us mold as individuals.”

Shreya Venkatraman ecstatic to join her dream company states, “BASF – IGTC – BASF, life has come a full circle. IGTC with its holistic general management programme has paved a path for me that helped me start a career in the largest chemical company. The value addition, knowledge and experience gained in IGTC is colossal. The Dual Education System has instilled immense confidence in me to face the rigorous work environment. The institute ensures that individual attention is paid to each student and ensures that they achieve a 100% placement record. IGTC was one of the best decisions I made in my life and I am proud of it.”

As always, Bosch Group created a big bang at IGTC, recruiting five students. Melissa Pinto overwhelmed to be called Senior Engineer at Bosch Automotive Electronics India says, “I have learnt numerous things through my 18 months journey at IGTC, be it through the several projects that I undertook or through the knowledge and experiences that our faculty share. The concept of the German Dual Education System at IGTC is something that is truly unique. Implementing my learnings from each phase at my interning company, Bosch Automotive gave me a better understanding of the theoretical concepts while gaining industry experience. The 3 stints of practical training through cross functional departments gave me the exposure to various departments and enabled me to better understand my true area of interest. After being placed in Bosch Automotive Electronics, today I can proudly say that I am living my dream!!”

A very happy Parikshit Sangvikar, Sales Executive, Neilsoft Limited says, “This year’s placement session was initiated with Neilsoft Limited, Bosch Group and Siemens coming in the first week to our campus. I cracked the Neilsoft intensive recruitment process which was a great learning experience for me. Post my placement, we volunteered to help and support our batch mates by means of mock interviews which would give them edge to crack forthcoming interview processes.”

Aayush Jain delighted to be absorbed by his training organization quotes, “I had a very great experience during my journey as an intern at Schaeffler India. The experience I got during my training really helped me to crack the rigorous selection process at Schaeffler India. I am grateful to my mentors for giving me excellent opportunities to work on live projects during internship stints. This has boosted up confidence in me with unique experience of working with world class companies. Honestly, IGTC has helped me to carve a path with full determination so that I can start my career with a strong organization like Schaeffler India and fulfill my dreams.”

Harshad Despande of Electro Mech Material Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. says, “Before joining IGTC, I was working with Electro Mech Material Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. as a Sales Engineer. In my tenure there I realized the need to be better equipped so as to understand the intricacies of the business and address the concerns raised by customers in a better way. IGTC offered exactly that – An exhaustive General Management Curriculum with an opportunity to apply the learning in reputed German organizations. I was given an opportunity to intern with Mercedes-Benz India, which culminated into a great learning experience. At IGTC we were trained by not just academicians but also industry experts. Hence in the true sense of it, I was trained by the best! Mr. Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, Electro Mech Material Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd., realized the value IGTC adds to its students. Keeping that in mind, he considered me for the post of International Business Development – Kenya. I cannot thank IGTC enough for this opportunity.”

Alok Badamikar, now Manager – After Sales at Mercedes-Benz India adds “Dream come true: is very small a quote to express the feeling which I went through when my final placement happened in my training company which is – ‘The best or nothing’, Mercedes-Benz India. Working for the three pointed star is the ultimate dream of an auto fanatic mechanical engineer willing to pursue a career in the automotive industry. The platform at IGTC gave me an opportunity, guided me, trained me and made me worthy enough to pursue a career at Mercedes-Benz India. I am thankful to the every single moment of the 18-month journey that I have spent as the student of IGTC Mumbai. I was and will always be a proud to be an IGTCian!”

IGTC is extremely grateful to the industry, faculty, alumni and all others who were involved in making the Placement Process a resounding success. Radhieka R Mehta, Director, IGTC is satisfied that challenging roles and positions were offered this year to the students which endorsed the fact that IGTC is the platform for excellence and quality in management training.