The German Dual System of Education has been the cornerstone of the IGTC Post-Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA). Internships, whether physical or virtual, play a significant role in the PGPBA curriculum, as the joint educational responsibility is shouldered by our Partnering Training Organizations in grooming young management talent into Corporate-Ready Professionals. Students gain an exposure to the organizational culture as well as magnified learning and networking opportunities.

After 4 months of intense curriculum at IGTC, the students proceeded for their 1st Practical Training Term from January to March 2021. Here are some sharings of their experiences:

“Integrating lean principles into digital transformation helps achieve radical simplification of the process. As an intern in Bosch Automotive Electronics India Private Ltd, I worked in the Strategic Planning team to study Inventory Visualization, Capacity Planning and set up appropriate standards for the processes. The current analogue process was converted to digital solutions to reduce the man-hours required.

The daily routine at BOSCH, starting with GEMBA walks, helped me to observe the shop floor’s operational reality, and allowed me to raise the relevant questions and work with the team on process optimization. I learnt one prime principle of operation management: Of course, data is important, but place the greater emphasis on facts.”

Chetan Chaudhari, Bosch Automotive Electronics India Private Ltd

“In my first internship, I was tasked with data analysis and market research about sales productivity. With the help of Visual Analytics tools learnt at IGTC, I was able to analyse and present the data to my reporting manager in the most effective way. It helped me to know my organization more deeply especially in terms of its products, the various functions and the operational branches. It also helped me to strengthen my analytical skills. In return, it also benefited the organization as they could draw out the volume of sales according to regions from the data submitted by me.”

Rahul Nair, Bayer India Pvt Ltd.

“I had the privilege of working with a team of financial professionals in the Accounting Close department supporting Private Bank Clients for Germany Head Office. I gained a profound understanding of daily cash and bank Monitoring, external audit support for disclosures process in term of preparing a summary of disclosure under IFRS and HGB GAAP and sharing working file with auditors.
I was also responsible for preparing Master Key Operating Processes for various disclosures as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This was a novel task and served as an interesting learning for me.”

Shriya Kansara, DBOI Global Services Private Ltd.

“In today’s marketing era, products are designed and manufactured based on customer’s feedback. Post marketing surveys help us understand the proper positioning of products. As an intern at B|Braun Ltd, I conducted a market survey for a comparatively newer concept in the IV Fluids market, Balanced Crystalloids. My learnings from B2B Marketing and Business Communication helped me to establish the right network with the organizations’ clients and vendors. My learnings from Research Methodology and Market Research came to test while collecting and presenting the data to my mentor. This helped the company to understand the scope of IV Fluids in the market and the perception of the product in the minds of the doctors.”

Kanira Patel, B|Braun Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

“At Siemens, I was entrusted with packaging supplier transformation, by connecting new packaging suppliers, searching different vendor bases and raising Requests for Quotations (RFQs). I could communicate professionally with the new and existing suppliers to enhance the business network. It built my confidence and also helped the organisation source new suppliers. The practical exposure of Supply Chain Management helped me to relate further to the subject at IGTC in Term II. The different concepts such as Kraljic Model, Quality, Price and Service ratings have further enriched my knowledge and experience.”

Shambhavi Chalke, Siemens Ltd.

“In the Sales and Product Development department, I had the opportunity to explore the North-Eastern market, spanning Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya, for the road construction equipment of the organization. I learned how to approach the right audience, the art of selling, showcasing appropriate market information, building and valuing new connections. The expectation was to gain a sense of the market and the positioning of its competitors along with assimilating as much knowledge as possible without worrying about targets.”

Siddhesh Phulaware, Wirtgen India Pvt. Ltd.

With every Partnering Training Organization giving their respective trainee the best corporate exposure, the students learnt to make the most of their most valuable internship experience, despite the pandemic. By learning and training under business mentors, the German Dual Education System flourished to give great benefits to both, the students and the organizations.