Mr. Prasad Chandran, Chairman, BASF Companies in India and Head – South Asia gave the inaugural talk on “Values create Value” which emphasized values as a foundation for the progress and growth of our country. While entering the corporate world, every budding manager faces corruption in some or the other form as the biggest hurdle. Despite being the fastest growing economy in the world, our country is losing its edge because of this dark side. He spoke about BASF’s “Million Minds” Project which believes in spreading the message to Indians to stop being “givers” and to stand up to make a difference to society at large. He questioned the students on what they believed is their value proposition and how they can contribute to India as a value brand.

The seminar series will continue as a 10 session plan, which would include very interesting topics such as Evolution of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in India; Corporate Governance – an Overview, Structures and Styles; Sustainable Development at BASF; Ethical Dilemmas at Workplace; Finance and Ethics – Importance of Financial Statements and Ethics in Mergers and Acquisitions; Management and Ethics; Sharing Case Studies of Successful Role Models. All these lectures will be delivered by senior business heads from BASF.