Learning and growing one step at a time

Suvin Nambiar along with his team and mentor – SSI Schaefer International Systems

The organising team of the first ever Mobility Employee Meet – Siemens India

Mr. Boris Fitz, Vice President, Sales & Network Development, Mr. Alex Thomas, General Manager, Network development and Vipul Bajaj, trainee Mercedes-Benz India during the product celebration party for the entire department

Krishna Saurabh Purohit proud to be a Bosch trainee

practical-training-phase2-7 A proud moment – Received an Award for ‘Success of Licensing Project in Mumbai’ presented to me by my mentor Mr. Shyam Sukumar, Zonal Agency Manager, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

A picture with my mentor Mr. Shyam Sukumar, Zonal Agency Manager; Mr. Rahul Shah, Agency Head – Prabhadevi and Mr. Santosh Morkar, Agency Administration – Prabhadevi

Suvin Nambiar, trainee with SSI Schaefer International Systems shares his experiences, “I participated in the India Warehousing Show exhibition at Pragati Maidan in Delhi this July, where I got to meet several existing and prospective clients of SSI Schaefer and to discuss with them how SSI Schaefer’s solutions can help with their logistics and supply chain needs. I learnt a lot out of my interaction with the Head of Logistics of Coca Cola, and senior managers of automotive companies such as Honda, Hero and Mercedes-Benz and furniture giant, Ikea. I also learn a lot from enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who shared their visions with a tinge of passion.

My best interaction was with Mr. Xavier Perello Pairada – Asia Pacific Regional Manager, SSI Schaefer International who gave me the overall view of our business in India and enthused in me a passion for warehousing automation.
My key take-aways from this training stint was the knowledge and insights of the logistics industry; understanding our customers; and developing business communication skills. I am truly indebted to Mr. Suunil Dabral, County Head, SSI Schaefer International for his constant support and mentorship.”

Mihir Bhavsar, trainee with Clariant Chemicals India says, “This is a quote my mentor Mr. Raj Khemani, IT Head, Clariant Chemicals India shared with me on the last day of training:
‘An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of superior personality.’ Something so profound that left a lasting impact on me.”

Ketki Sonawane, trainee with Siemens India expresses her leanings, “I was fortunate to be part of the organising team to conduct the first ever Mobility Employee Meet which was held at three locations (Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore) on the same day. My mentor Mr. Pranav Patil, Head-Communications, Building Technologies and Mobility, Siemens India appreciated my contribution.

He shared a piece of advice that he had learnt through his corporate experience – ‘the person sitting in front of you, may be anyone, always knows at least two things better than you. So never underestimate anyone’s knowledge.’

I realised that every person has something unique and so the learning process never ends. I am extremely motivated and look forward to my third phase of internship.”

Aakanksha Varude, trainee with Bosch Automotive Electronics India shares her learnings, “My mentor and guide – Mr.Vinoth K Kumar, Assistant Manager – Production, Bosch Automotive Electronics India time after time kept conveying two things to me,

  1.  Always think one step ahead
  2.  Always make sure that you consider macro implication of the decisions you make

These two viewpoints have made a big impact on me as a student and as an upcoming manager.”

Vipul Bajaj, trainee with Mercedes-Benz India shares his experiences with his dream company, “I assisted to arrange and manage the first ever MAQ Net event held at the Pune plant wherein all the project managers and quality managers were called to the plant so as to explain to them various aspects to be carried out at all dealerships. I learned the standards and measures to be carried out at any dealerships which is the role and responsibility of the managers and Network Development team. I look forward to my third phase of practical training.”

Surbhi Parekh, trainee with DBOI Global Services expresses her learnings, “My mentor Mr. Kunal Sharma, Manager- Private & Business Clients, DBOI Global Services asked me on my first day at training, ‘What is it that you wish to learn?’ How many mentors do we come across who ask trainees about their preferences? Mr. Sharma helped me chalk out a roadmap with all the areas I wanted to understand and ensured that I receive training for the same from experts within the team. Under the guidance of Mr. Sharma, the training phase evolved to be an enriching experience with greater understanding about the Financial & Banking industry.”

Urvil Matalia, trainee with Bosch India is extremely proud of the feedback received by his mentors. Urvil truly believes in the saying “If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” This he applied in the CSR activities which added to his appreciated work style.

Krishna Saurabh Purohit, trainee with Bosch Automotive Electronics India shared his learnings as follows:

  1.   To have a clear clarity of concepts rather than half knowledge
  2.   Prepare a proper structure along with timelines for any topic that has been assigned
  3.   Importance of punctuality at workplace especially in production will help solve a lot of issues
  4.   Team work – the one and only tool to achieve success
  5.   Most importantly – ‘Listen to understand rather than listen to reply’

Forum Vora, trainee with Extentia Technologies shares her experience, “I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia Technologies. He conveyed a quote – ‘It is important that one should meet people and network; not come to the office to only do their work.’ I found it extremely important and this would help me in the future.”

Venugopal Nair, trainee with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited shares his learnings, “Follow a structure and plan each day in advance so that life becomes structured – these words said by Prof. Fakih Sir is what I followed during my internship stint in my company. Working on this principle along with the support, guidance and evaluation from my mentor Mr. Shyam Sukumar, Zonal Agency Manager, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company and his energy levels drove me to perform beyond my capabilities.”

Jeet Thakur, trainee with Mercedes-Benz India shares his learnings, “Every day, getting a chance to work at my dream company with some of the most talented individuals has truly changed my approach and helped me develop in terms of my skill set and as a person.
I got the best hands-on experience and a platform to apply my marketing knowledge that I gained at the Indo-German Training Centre. The biggest moment of my internship was during my final project review, when my mentor – Mr. Khan, General Manager, Corporate & Specialty Sales, Mercedes-Benz India told me that he was very impressed with my growth and progress and compared it to that of a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon and becoming a butterfly. Getting an opportunity to train with Mercedes-Benz Indiahas truly been a remarkable experience.”