‘Even the most resilient ones need to recharge themselves!’

Organizations and HR professionals have faced innumerable challenges and obstacles in the face of the raging pandemic. Amidst all the adversities there remains one crucial mission, ‘taking care of oneself, while taking care of the world around us. Even the most resilient ones need to recharge themselves! With this thought in mind, IGTC hosted the quarterly meet of the Indo-German HR Partner Forum on Tuesday, 18th May 2021.

With over 20 key HR professionals in attendance, the underlying theme for the meet was candid sharing, personal anecdotes and incidents on the following areas:

  • One of my fondest recollections from the last one year.
  • A new learning that caught my fancy and promises to stay.
  • What I look forward to in the near future.

Some of the strongest sharing included building connections, retaining relationships, investing in learning, developing hobbies such as biking, running, singing and gardening, celebrating the small things in life. Meditating, yoga and spending time in prayer proved to be strong anchors of Mindful Living. From engaging in daily chores to sound parenting to strengthen the family bond, the HR Forum left us with one very important learning ‘Count your blessings, celebrate the good happening around you. Invest in yourself. It is ok to sometimes be selfish and take time out.’

Seeking new experiences during the pandemic also emerged as a strong theme during the HR Partner Forum Meet; exploring hybrid work solutions, engaging with connections using peer-to-peer app solutions, volunteering and assisting individuals affected by the Coronavirus, etc. The session closed with all the HR Partners feeling personally reconnected, despite not meeting in person, which will enable them to continue trusting and supporting each other professionally for the benefit of the Indo-German fraternity.

To know more about the activities of the Indo-German HR Partner Forum, please connect with Radhieka R Mehta, Director, Indo-German Training Centre on director@igtcindia.com.