HR Capability Building Initiative by the Indo-German HR Partner Forum in Association with the Indo-German Training Centre

Beginnings are even more beautiful, when our combined efforts and collaboration culminate into a reality. ‘Horizon Redefined’, a HR Capability Building Initiative by the Indo-German HR Partner Forum in association with the Indo-German Training Centre was launched on 28th June. “Let us all partner companies come together and build our HR capabilities which will be sustainable for the future. With this objective the initiative got defined, thanks to Radhieka, Dr, Lakshmi and Ramesh who have been the core drivers behind the initiative. We formed a small core group which we called the HR Capability Building team. This team brainstormed and decided the competencies that should get framed and learnt. Once we had the competencies defined, we went back to the HR forum for finalizing. We realised that we need to do something really simple and Rupesh came up with the concept of doing our ABC’s right and thus the ABCDE came about” – Padma Gupta, Director – Human Resources, Häfele India Pvt. Ltd.

The topics chosen as part of this initiative were:
• Analytical Mindset
• Business Acumen
• Consultative Mindset
• Digitalization
• Employee Relations (ER)

The initiative was inaugurated by Dr. Raman Ramachandran, Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India Ltd. and Head, BASF, South Asia; the dignitaries also included Ramesh Shankar, Executive Vice-President and Head – Human Resources.; Dr. Lakshmi Nadkarni, Director – Human Resources BASF, South Asia; Padma Gupta, Director – Human Resources, Häfele India Pvt. Ltd.; Ricky Kumar, Head – Human Resources, Covestro (India) Pvt. Ltd.; Rosette Silveira, Corporate – HR & Admin Manager; Wacker Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. and Anjali, Manager – Human Resources, TUV India.
“We thought we need to build our own capabilities as HR professionals before we build the capabilities of others. This is a great model because when organizations come together and you are able to do a programme, the cost is low but quality is high. So we are able to share the best practices, the best faculty and leverage the power of numbers.” – Ramesh Shankar, Executive Vice-President and Head – Human Resources.

The dignitaries then lit the ceremonial lamp and officially flagged off the beginning of this learning journey undertaken by the Indo-German HR Partner Forum for their HR colleagues.

Dr. Raman Ramachandran Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India Ltd. and Head, BASF, South Asia and Guest of Honour for the event, addressed the participants on the changing Global Landscape in today’s world. “Globalization is on the verge of being reversed and this will require many strategic changes in the way we think about investment in the future. The second unpredictable change we face is digitization. Digitization is changing the way we think. Third is the concept of Sustainability. For many companies sustainability is about CSR – it is no longer about CSR, it is the way we think about how to run a company in terms of governance, sensitivity to society we live, environment health and standard, so the whole realm and paradigm of how we do business is changing and more so in emerging countries like India because of the challenges we face in this country are more.” He then continued stating the growing and changing environment of HR in organizations “Recently I heard from a sociologist that the new generation if millennials, will change 14 jobs on an average in their life time. Hence this concept of ‘hiring till retirement’ can be forgotten about. And hence HR becomes different about how you think about hiring, talent development and letting people go. So congratulations to all who thought about bringing this together to advance the organizations”.

There was an over whelming response for the programme as HR professionals from 22 Indo-German member organizations signed up for the various learning programmes that are to be conducted in the upcoming year. Over a 100 nominations were received across all programmes ensuring that each of the programmes is conducted in 2 batches.
“One thing that struck me as something that probably we need to see through today is the kind of humility displayed by the leaders of our partner organizations throughout this initiative. None of them said, this programme is happening in my company so I don’t want to participate even though each one of us is doing something to raise the capability of our people. This was the best collaborative experience I have seen between companies with Radhieka being the hub for it. I thank all the leaders of member companies.” – Dr. Lakshmi Nadkarni, Director – Human Resources BASF, South Asia;

The first programme on Employee Relations kicked off with 21 participants. Mr. Suman Mitra, Senior General Manager – Human Resource, Bosch Ltd. was the trainer for this programme which was conducted over 2 days.
“It’s a great start and a great opportunity for all of us to network. I ask you to learn the nuances, the small things we do so well in our work place. Pick those nuances and achieve excellence in HR. The world is changing very fast so let’s change with the world or bring the change so we can all adapt to the digitation and business models which are changing so rapidly” – Ricky Kumar, Head – Human Resources, Covestro (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The session was packed with new and relevant content and examples. The trainer, Mr. Suman Mitra from Bosch, with his vast industry experience in Employee Relations, gave the participants an insight on how ER is important to the advancement of an organization and its sustainability and applicability across industries. Some of the learnings that were covered during the session: History of IR in India, Changing concept of IR to ER, Statutory Compliance & its importance, Negotiation Process, Disciplinary Proceedings – Factory Discipline & Work Culture, Grievance Handling – its Process and Expectation, Employee Engagement Forums to deliver the objective along with power of communication, Public Relation & handling media , International IR and OECD (How it can impact us), Managing People Proactively and Contract Labour-Engagement and Compliance.

The 2 day power packed session ended with Dr. Lakshmi Nadkarni, Director – Human Resources BASF, South Asia distributing the certificates to the participants who were now ecstatic about being a part of this Capability Building Initiative. The proof on the success of this programme lies in the pudding as during the final discussion they decided to form a forum for Employee Relations to discuss best practices and learn from each other, similar to the way the Indo-German HR Partner Forum contributes to the member organizations.
“The way the programmes were brought together on a cost sharing basis, the finesse with which it has been done and the heart with which it has come together, is what will take the initiative a long way. Companies are feeling involved, they have owned the programme, it’s their baby more than mine. We have all worked on it with a lot of love and passion and belief. Sometimes it is just belief that takes it through. So welcome to IGTC, it’s a place where our motto’ IGTCians at heart, phenomenal you will be!! This applies to our youngsters but also applies to you older ones because everyone who goes through training, learning and skilling just emerge better human beings. For IGTC it definitely is a Horizon Redefined”