Amol: Good evening, distinguished dignitaries on the dais – who have come to grace us on our special day; honorable guests – we thank you very much for lending us your valuable time today; esteemed professors – who guided us passionately throughout this course; respected parents – thank you for your love, care and support; IGCC and  IGTC management – without whose support this institute would not have been a reality and who worked tirelessly towards grooming us into true professionals and last but not the least our dear batch mates – amongst whom we cherish fond memories; my name is Amol Lokegaonkar

Tasneem: and I am Tasneem Muchhala, we welcome you on behalf of the graduating batch 2012 – 2014. Today is a memorable day, as we now graduate to a college called life. This day brings with it great joy, but the joy is also peppered with apprehension as we will now walk on a tight rope, with no safety net in the form of our professors, college management and our director to fall back on.

Amol: These gowns are not only a symbol of our achievement but are also a reminder of how fortunate we have been. Everyone does not have access to this unique German dual education system. We are immensely privileged.

Tasneem: It does not matter that some of us were fresher’s and others experienced, some of us came from the commercial background while others from the technical background, this intensive 18 month course has put us on the same level playing field in terms of being management professionals and transformed us into a close knit family. Yes, IGTC is our family, a home away from home, where together we’ve shaped our future and we are certainly going to miss it.

Amol: We learnt finance, industry, economy and management taught to us by our esteemed faculty. They are not academicians but they are experts, best in the business with rich industry experience. They have shared their knowledge and experiences with us. We will always owe our success to them.

Tasneem: Each one of us burned the mid night oil solving marketing case studies by Prof. Rajeev and Prof. Sagar, transportation models by our dearest Chitra Mam, extremely simple for him but difficult for us to solve mergers and acquisition issues by Fakih Sir, de-bottle necking operations by Moradian Sir, and many more assignments which have equipped us with management tools.

Amol: The internship phases with our training companies gave us a firsthand experience of a real life business situation. Just like how a new born baby falls the first few times as he tries to walk, we too learned some vital lessons of corporate work culture through falls and bruises. Today those bruises have healed and the lessons from every fall are ever fresh in our minds. We are grateful to our training companies and our corporate mentors for giving us excellent opportunities to work on live projects which has not only instilled confidence in us but also gave us a chance to experience work culture of world class companies. Honestly speaking more than training, these companies have helped young aspirants like us to realize our dreams.

Tasneem: Sometimes we achieved, so did we falter. At times we were sensible, so were we crazy. But she was there as our central support system who guided and encouraged us at all times. We thank you for everything, Radhieka Mam. We know we have tried your patience at every moment but we wouldn’t have been able to scale these heights if it wasn’t for you. Also, it would be amiss of me not to mention the valued guidance of Rashmi Mam, Mira Mam, Veena Mam and Sajita Mam all of them soft at heart and caring; always there when we needed them.

Amol: I hope that as we graduate and move on with our lives, we don’t forget how we were stretched and who stretched us. We will remember how we changed and who changed us. We will remember how high we flew and who flew with us, and how hard we fell and who offered their hand and picked us up.

Tasneem: Because this is what MBA is all about! The cases, the assignments, the late nights, the tears, the drama, the stress, the laptop crashes, the library gossips, the laughs, the joys – it’s about the journey and the people we took this journey with.

Amol: Graduation is not the end; it is the beginning of our new journey to pursue our dreams. As we walk into the wider world today, let us not forget the responsibilities that we carry both as members of the IGTC family and the society at large. We truly believe that each one of us will make our alma mater IGTC extremely proud.

Tasneem: We would like to sign off with our dearest Moradian Sir’s quote “Dream and act because dreams without actions is time pass.”

Amol: Thank you. Vielen Dank!

Tasneem and Amol: We present to you the graduating batch 2012 – 2014!