Yash Somaiya, Entrepreneur

Durvesh Javle, Manager - Global Demand Archroma India Ltd, Mumbai , India

Ameya Gangal, Director - Risk & Regulation, Global Workforce Strategy Morgan Stanley

Hitesh Dama, Lead Project Manager, Mott MacDonald Pvt. Ltd. (MM)

Mr. Shandilya Oza, worked with TATA Group of Companies for two decades as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Excellence.

Aaditya Koshe, Proprietor of Anant Engineering products

Vaishali Baid, 4 year worked in Bayer Group of Companies in different sourcing positions

Rayomand Karkaria, Chief Manager, Solution and Services, Siemens Ltd.

Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Deputy General Manager, Human Resource, Quality & I.T

IGTC Alumni

Learning has always been a social activity. It is then no wonder why learning through sharing of experiences, has such a strong impact on others. This is what the “Best Practices in German Organisations” aims at, where learning real life experiences can enhance and influence students’ lives. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity to invite IGTC alumni and share their journey with the PGPBA batch of 2016-2018.

IGTC and the PGPBA Batch of 2016-2018 were excited to welcome nine of our alumni who are now leaders in their field of expertise and years of experience.

This was a home coming for our alumni and one could only expect thought-provoking discussions, engaging topics and sharing of real life stories and experiences.

The series was conducted through November and December, 2017.
Following are some of the key speakers:

Dheeraj Rakho! Entrepreneurship; making the jump from corporate to start-up

Yash Somaiya, Entrepreneur,
Alumni Batch 2011 – 2013

Yash Somaiya, a motorcycle buff, music lover, avid reader, spoken word poet and now an entrepreneur our young alumnus has it all. From working with Siemens Financial Services for two years, to setting his own manufacturing firm, Yash was a perfect choice to inaugurate the Best Practices Lecture Series 2017.

Yash inspired the batch by sharing his journey from being a sales employee to becoming an entrepreneur. The session covered concepts on Entrepreneurship, Self-Management, Self-Analysis and putting our best foot forward. The highlight of the session was ‘Deeraj Rakho!’- (Patience) being patient is of utmost importance which one needs to develop professionally and personally.

Yash ended the session by quoting – A wise man once said ‘what gets measured can be controlled and eventually be improved upon.’ Along with an inspiration and motivational video on the 2010 AFM racing season.
Supply Chain Planning

Durvesh Javle, Manager – Global Demand Archroma India Ltd, Mumbai , India
Alumni Batch 2009 – 2011

It was a comeback for Durvesh as he returned to the IGTC campus after 7 long years. Feeling nostalgic Durvesh began the session by sharing his experience at IGTC and how life has changed ever since.

The lecture continued on Supply Chain Planning within which he covered topics like Analytics as Career, Evolution and overview of Analytics and Stats vs Machine Learning. The part of his presentation also covered the reviewing, evaluating and analysing resumes. With the increasing pressure on students for placements Durvesh’s insight on the do’s and don’ts on resume’s enabled students upgrade their resume to the market standards. Students highly appreciated the assistance that they received from Durvesh’s feedback.
Real Life ‘Gyan’ – International Project Management

Amey Gangal, Director – Risk & Regulation, Global Workforce Strategy, Morgan Stanley
Alumni Batch 2004 – 2006

‘Ye Meri Kahani’, Amey began his lecture on a very happy note by sharing his life journey with the batch. It was an informal and interactive session on people management, change management, effective communication, various programming languages in different industries and politics in organizations. Strategy, Innovation, Finance, and Technology – some of Amey’s forte which he shared with the batch.
Life of Consultant

Hitesh Dama, Lead Project Manager, Mott MacDonald Pvt. Ltd. (MM)
Alumni Batch 2004 – 2006

Hitesh Dama, a growth driven professional 14 years of experience came to IGTC to share the life of a consultant. ‘Everyone is a consultant’ as a consultant is a hard working – lazy person, Hitesh quoted and began the session. The lecture gave insight on overall hierarchy, the fixed and growth mindset and how to take charge of your own career. The lecture ended up with the question ‘What are our strengths to succeed in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?’ which let to open discussion on various career choices.
The students also did have one on one interaction with Hitesh seeking advices on jobs profiles.

Four Dimensions of Business Excellence

Mr. Shandilya Oza, worked with TATA Group of Companies for two decades as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Excellence.

He comes with 30+ years of Global experience with consistent success in integration of organizational performance and competitive benchmark comparison. He has Demonstrated business acumen in driving sustainable growth and improving profits. The batch couldn’t have asked for more as Mr. Shandilya Oza addresses the batch for the first time at IGTC.

Mr Oza, has worked with TATA Group of Companies for over two decades as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Excellence thus his topic for the lecture focused on Four Dimensions of Business Excellence. Diagnose, Design, Drive and Deliver were the key area of discussion.
During this insightful session the students learnt systematic approach for the transformation from “Good” to “Great”, being responsive to change, understanding a company’s core strengths and weaknesses and how important it is to move beyond silos as integration is paramount to attain success

Introduction to Product Design and Idea Generation

Aaditya Koshe, Proprietor of Anant Engineering products
Alumni Batch 2007 – 2009

Aaditya Koshe our multi-talented alumni is a cyclist, basketball player and runner while he designs Industrial Automation, robotic vending machines and Developed a range of pneumatic products. Fascinating isn’t! The batch felt the same as this Best Practices Lecture Series was different from the rest. As exciting the topic sounds the lecture too was fun filled with activities and idea generation.

Activities like Mind Mapping, Developing “P” Charts and Mind Storming Chart kept the batch busy and thinking. To make it more exciting the class was divided into groups and were given various tasks in product designing marketing which kept the class on the toes.

By the end of the lecture the students had generated innovative ideas and designed products and presented them to the class.

Sustainable Procurement

Vaishali Baid, Maersk Procurement, Mumbai
Alumni Batch 2010 – 2012

IGTC’s alumni, winner of the Bayer scholarship ‘Championing Success’, Vaishali Baid is our young and dynamic leader, trained and worked with Bayer Group of Companies and now at Maersk Group. In her 4 years at Bayer Group of Companies Vaishali has worked in different sourcing positions. The session was all about procurement and moving towards a sustainable future. The lecture comprised of case studies, videos and questionnaire. Some of the key learning for the session were Innovation of sustainable future, sustainable supply chain, ethical work culture and a holistic view on research and discussion on Nike case study.

The students appreciated her brilliant style of presenting the topic and enthusiasm with which she interacted with the entire class.

What all it takes to be successful in the corporate world.

Rayomand Karkaria, Chief Manager, Solution and Services, Siemens Ltd.
Alumni Batch 1992 – 1994

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” and how to create and choose the path to success in corporate world? Rayomand Karkaria had the answers for all. One of our oldest Alumni came with 23 years of experience at Siemens Ltd and plethora of experience to share with the batch. A very simple session with immense industrial exposure he shared his own journey towards the various roles of leadership while growing in the corporate world. Rayomand kept the batch engaging as he kept the session an open dialog where the students were given an opportunity to ask questions on having a successfully career and sustaining in long term job.

Corporate Character

Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Deputy General Manager, Human Resource, Quality & I.T. ,
FEV India Pvt. Ltd.

Amongst all the alumni’s for the Best Practices in German Organisations Lecture series, we had a leader from the corporate world with an experience in Human Resources Information Technology and who demonstrates the history of working in the automotive industry. Neeraj kumar Gupta, an Engineer, a recruiter and a skilled employee engager came to share his passion for working at FEV and his journey to continue to grow in corporate ladder. He emphasised on several factors including globalization, rise of social media transparency, empowerment to individuals and stack holders. He also includes a task where the class had to discuss it in the group as to why it is important to define corporate character.

The students gained a lot of value from the lecture as Neeraj interacted with each one in the class and gave them insights on the recruitment process.