As an Inventor Company, Bayer understands that young talent is fundamental for long term sustainable growth. Since several years Bayer conducts the Bayer Scholarship Program called “Championing Success” which is an effort to recognize and appreciate meritorious students across various institutions as well as business programmes such as IGTC.

The rigorous and exhaustive selection process consists of an initial short listing based on Academic Performance and an Online Assessment Test.  The students then qualify for the most interesting and challenging round where in the students have to demonstrate real life situations consisting of the values demonstrated with respect to the Bayer L.I.F.E Values. Since competition was tough, a last surprise round was announced, which consisted of an group interview in which the students had to voice a statement that they deeply believe in and in turn convince the others to also believe in his/her statement. This proved to be the decisive round for the selection of the finalists.

Alok Badamikar, Neha Kuriakose and Ruchika Natarajan – PGPBA Batch 2013 – 2015 were announced as the three extremely deserving and highly meritorious winners of the Bayer Scholarship Program.  Here is their feedback on the process:

“The scholarship process made us sit down and think about our day to day behaviour and its alignment with the L.I.F.E. values. Creativity, innovation, presence of mind, self confidence, analytical skills, general knowledge and communication skills were put to test throughout the process of assessment. The constructive feedback provided by the panel members was the best take away for all of us. I sincerely thank Bayer for undertaking this initiative. I am and will be a proud Bayer Scholar

Alok Badamikar, Batch 2013 – 2015
“Bayer Scholarship to me is a form of recognition and appreciation for my hard work and things that I truly believe in. It is a source of motivation for the numerous forthcoming challenges that await me.

Bayer is a world renowned brand and one of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical company, known for its innovation. Hence to be awarded as a ’Bayer Scholar’ will hold abundant value in the industry. The experience was highly enriching in terms of the interactions and exposure with experienced professionals, which has helped boost my confidence. The selection process was unique especially the last round, it was a blend of a debate, group discussion and just pure exchange of thoughts on various subjects. The procedure was a holistic assessment of marks, qualification, work experience, communication, creativity, cognitive ability, conceptual clarity and most importantly values. This overall assessment increases the significance of the award and will help me stand out as a performer in all my future endeavours.”

Neha Kuriakose, Batch 2013 – 2015
“I feel thrilled and humbled at the same time to have won the Bayer Scholarship 2014. This Scholarship appreciates sincerity and encourages healthy competition. The biggest contribution of this whole process was the newfound confidence it has given me to speak about myself and my beliefs. I am thankful to all the people who have supported me throughout the process, because at the end of the challenge I realized that we win not just for ourselves but also for friends and family. Bayer’s L.I.F.E. values are reflected strongly within the organization and I am grateful to the team for being very supportive throughout the process.”

Ruchika Natarajan, Batch 2013 – 2015