“Manager Ready”, a customised programme was organised by the Indo-German Training Centre for Hamburg Süd on 28th and 29th of March 2019. Hamburg Süd is a strong brand in the international logistics service sector. As a container shipping company, Hamburg Süd stands for quality, outstanding customer service, and a personal point of contact in 250 offices in over 100 countries worldwide.

The idea of training incepted with the thought process of having the managers equipped with the vital leadership skillset when they transform from being a colleague to being a “BOSS”. In an organization, this is perhaps the most challenging issue and has rarely been recognised. As a manager of a single employee or a group of employees, one suddenly transforms into a “Boss”. Mr Heiko Mohn, General Manager, Hamburg Süd expressed the need to have a Manager Ready Programme to synergise the energy of his managers so that they demonstrate the right character for effective leadership.

This program was thus designed to explore the various facets of Managerial Responsibilities and develop skill sets to be Manager Ready. Dr. Anita Badyopadhyay facilitated the two-day workshop. She is an acclaimed expert in leadership development, talent management, performance management and HR processes. 20 managers handling key functions at various levels were nominated by Hamburg Süd to be a part of this exclusive programme.

Key objectives of the tailored two-day workshop covered the following points:
• Managers Role – The challenge of responding to expectations of stakeholders
• Communication – Being perceptive and developing relationships
• Setting Objectives – Inspiring teams to achieve their objectives
• Leadership Style – Task Vs. Relationship

Mr Heiko Mohn opened the 1st day of workshop by inducting his team, he expressed that he envisages his team members to grow not only professionally but also stimulate their personal growth by being a part of the programme. Radhieka R Mehta, Director of Indo- German Training Centre welcomed the team to the IGTC learning environment. Team Hamburg Süd then was geared up to spend the next two days with the expert Dr. Anita.

Team Hamburg Süd then set on a journey of exploring what exactly is leadership? They spent insightful two-days filled with answering retrospective questions and engaging in meaningful discussions and exercise. They were exposed to the fact that qualities, characteristics, and skills required in a leader are determined to a large extent by the demands of a situation in which he has to function as a leader.

A few key takeaways by the participants were –
• Right communication is vital for leadership
• Planning, organising and optimising resources at work is essential
• Understanding and handling situations with subordinates

Some of the testimonials generated after the training were “It was good learning and changed my perception towards the company. The tools and techniques provided have challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and I am sure I can apply this to my personal and official interactions and ensure things work in my favour.” Another one says “I am very thankful to my management for having me enrolled in the training; it has helped me identify the key stakeholders involved and then channel my communications in the direction”.

Mr Heiko Mohn closed the workshop with a small but warm speech in which he thanked his team for the strong support rendered. He conveyed his gratitude towards IGTC for helping him bridge the gap. Radhieka R Mehta also shared her experiences briefly and gave the managers a few vital tips on implementing the new skillset learnt before the group parted.