Ravi had to go to a client office. He was late for the client meeting already. The route he generally took was likely to be closed today due to repair works. He was stressed about making it on time. Ravi quickly checked on Google Maps and realised that there were two other parallel roads that he will be able to take. The map also indicated the shortest and the fastest route. Ravi decided the alternate route he would take and started driving. As he was approaching the alternate road, he realised there was a massive traffic jam. Ravi thought for a moment and decided to park his car and walk through the traffic to reach the other side. Once he crossed the road and steered away from the heavy traffic, he quickly took a cab and reached his client office, just in the nick of time.

We use the GPS every time we book an Uber or Ola. Our very first step is to input the exact destination. And only then the GPS suggests the fastest and the most efficient way to get to your destination. Gives you various options of vehicles as well. While you are on your ride, you can constantly monitor whether you are on course. And if not, the GPS helps you reroute around roadblocks. However, at times, the GPS gives wrong directions and we go off track, they are not always accurate.  Thankfully, very soon it steers us back on track. Leaders displaying similar attitude at work are perhaps more likely to achieve their goals and aspirations despite all odds. 

The Results Focused Leader uses the Bottom Line GPS in exactly the same manner. They are constantly rerouting to reach their destination.  All of us like it when we see a well-finished product, a bug-free gadget or a well-made film for that matter. What does it take to achieve such levels of perfection and results? 

In my experience, Results Focus is perhaps a key differentiator for Successful Leaders. They have the Bottom Line as their GPS. They first get complete clarity about their destination – the final result / outcome they want. They are able to do so because they set goals for themselves and others, prioritise and focus on what is critical and important. They plan the entire route, gather and manage resources required to reach their destination. They can take calculated risks when required, try different approaches and overcome roadblocks.

But what if the Bottom Line territory and the map both change! Like it did during the Pandemic. Each and every company is revisiting their vision statement. Its obvious that no one has Lockdown as a possibility in their Vision 2020 / 2021 document. The value of Business Continuity Plans became evident. Learning agility, flexibility, adaptability, resilience and a host of other skills had to be displayed to be able to tie over such a different and difficult time.

Think for a moment – Is it ok for Deutsche Bank to send PCs and Workstations home for employees to work on? What happens to security? Take the case of the Manufacturing organizations. How do they maintain social distancing and productivity on the shop floor.  What should be the best way to launch a new product?

If you look around, I see different ways in which companies have reacted. There was a nervous reaction of cost cutting through various means. Salary Cuts, layoff, zero or low increments pinched the employees quite a bit. And then there were others who decided to rise to the occasion. One company I know, started having a weekly digital bonfire with the leadership team to ensure employees do not panic and train on digital skills and attitude to prepare themselves for the new future. Another company, revisited their entire business plan to recover and rebound.

Results Focus is a complex competency. A leader skilled at this competency, is also adept at Planning, Organizing, Reviewing, Monitoring Work, Motivating & Inspiring Others as well as Process Management at the Operating Level. At the individual level they have high EQ and are absolutely driven and ambitious. 

The good news is that, once you know what it takes, the Results Focus Competency can be developed through coaching and other Developmental Interventions. As Paulo Coelho Said “No one can hit their target with their eyes closed”. Developing this competency is well worth the effort. Afterall we will be able to sustain, only when we have a robust bottom line.

The writer Dr. Anita Bandyopadhyay, a faculty at the Indo-German Training Centre, is an IAF Endorsed Facilitator and an HR consultant with extensive expertise in Facilitation, Coaching, Leadership development, Talent Management, Performance Management, and HR Processes. In a career spread over two decades, Anita has worked with large corporate houses like Raymond, Pidilite Industries and the Ajay Piramal Group, as well as a number of small and medium sized companies.