In 2017 Sakshi Aher, Aadish Tanskale, Purna Gothoskar and Anuj Sharma Batch 2016-2018

In 2016 Kshitija Datkhile, Sapna Ashar, Yoga Ramachandran Batch 2015-2017

In 2015 Urvil Matalia, Aishwarya Patwardhan, Vipul Bajaj and Tousif Chamanshaikh Batch 2014 – 2016

In 2013 Rohan Vaidya, Shamit Jana and Tasneem Muchhala Batch 2012 – 2014

In 2012 Ashwin Jayaraman and Tanvi Singh Batch 2011 – 2013

In 2011 Ekta Dusija, Kartik Shivshankar, Nitin E.V. and Vaishali Baid Batch 2010 – 2012

In 2014 Alok Badamikar, Neha Kuriakose and Ruchika Natarajan Batch 2013 – 2015

As an Inventor company, Bayer understands that young talent is fundamental for long term sustainable growth. The Bayer Scholarships Programme called ‘Championing Success’ are an effort to recognize and appreciate meritorious students across various institutions.  The rigorous and exhaustive selection process conducted gives weightage to consistent academic brilliance, fluid intelligence and personal interviews.

The winners receive a scholarship amount of Rs. 50000/- each. The scholarships signify Bayer’s commitment to corporate citizenship.  Bayer also supports a wide range of projects worldwide in the fields of education and research, environment and nature, basic social needs, sports and arts.