Experience is one of the most expensive assets you gain but how often do you use it to enrich your life in an unconventional way? It is with great pleasure that we launched the mentorship program ‘TRANSCEND’, an IGTC Alumni initiative for our PG students.

The idea is to provide opportunities for PG students to be mentored by seasoned IGTC Alumni, who are professionals/ industry veterans and for the professionals to be reverse mentored by the students.

The IGTC Alumni bring in years of experience, expertise, and learnings to groom the rookies. And the rookies bring in a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and new ideas to the table to stimulate conversations and challenge status quo.

To ensure that there is a solid basis for the mentorship programme, one of the key responsibilities of the mentor will be to help the students with the planning and execution of their Capstone Project. The learning outcomes of the Capstone Project are centered around gaining critical insights and ability of the students to apply the theoretical concepts in all domains – Marketing, Operations, HR and Finance.

Meet our current Mentors!