Extentia Information Technology

Umeed Kothavala

Chief Executive Officer

Extentia Information Technology

Naazneen Boocha

Executive VP – Delivery

Extentia Information Technology

The canvas and the brush, the muse and the artist, the palette and the imagination, masterpieces are created by great partnerships; Extentia and IGTC are no different. We have enjoyed a rich and symbiotic partnership for over a decade of eventful years. Their shared German roots see them both strive to achieve excellence and innovation in equal measure.

The world of technology has always been one of dynamic change – imagining and executing tomorrow’s dreams today has been one of Extentia’s goals from the very beginning. To create the future in the present requires a great deal of creativity, an appetite for risk and a drive to succeed –characteristics that Extentia has found in IGTC students and alumni.

Germany has been synonymous with quality and diligence, and German industry has ensured that the economy can withstand the choppy waters of not only the European Union but the global markets as well. The German Dual Education System is no different, and this being the base of IGTC, ensures that the respected German work ethic is given pride of place, allowing students to experience corporate life first-hand. Extentia has found many an asset among the ranks of the dozen IGTC interns who have worked with the company, often hiring the best and brightest for full-time positions.

When educators and industry leaders join hands, the result is often what corporate dreams are made of!