Nirmal Bhogilal



Over the years, Batliboi has nominated 12 senior managers to the IGTC EBMP. Each of them has only words of appreciation, perhaps several words, for what the programme has done for them and their performance.

From modern manufacturing practices to the genesis to the current global economic crisis and events; the topics discussed in class were varied as well as current and absorbing. What we found refreshing in this programme was the classroom method employed. Most faculty members are senior managers from the industry–experienced, knowledgeable with a hands-on approach. The technique employed was to present a case – analyze it chronologically and in detail. The case itself throws up several theoretical concepts, which are then explained and discussed in detail. Not only does this technique give students deep understanding of concepts, the approach embeds it in their memory, ensuring easy future recall.

The end-of- the-year project work is a compulsory EBMP requirement. In addition, each participant had to present a paper on a topic relevant to a current business issue. This practice gave us a real insight into the efficacy of the course and the participants’ grasp of business concepts. It proved to be a great boon to both, participants as well as executives, from their respective businesses.