PGPBA Alumnus 1997

Anahita Fitter

Snapshot Global Communication

PGPBA Alumnus 1997

A good education is one where you get relevant knowledge, but a great education is one where along with a diverse field of knowledge, you are taught how to think. In 1995, I was given that gift of dual German management training by Deutsche Lufthansa & the IGTC.

There is immense merit in immediately applying theoretical knowledge to projects & department processes and vice versa. After graduating the 2 year program, we were absorbed by Lufthansa and pretty much hit the ground running- Initially I was tasked to establish LH as the leader in the Marine & Cruise Sales niche market and then in Corporate Contracts. Both were extremely gratifying roles and my 2 years at IGTC learning German language along with Business Admininstration subjects like Finance, Marketing & Operations helped tremendously.

IGTC had taught me well to seek emerging trends & untapped opportunities. After 5 years with LH, I migrated to the US. In California I applied my business development skills to rapidly growing e-commerce segment to launch an Automotive Marketing company which was acquired by a national brand after 10 years. Now, adapting to a more balanced family life, I run my own practice as a Communications Consultant and Content Strategist for leading industrial & lifestyle brands and give back with pro-bono PR & fundraising work for selected non-profits in India & the US medical research space.

This is a great program to be accepted to. A lot has changed at IGTC since 1995, but they still uphold stringent academic standards and the idea of creating holistic, thoughtful & well-rounded future leaders that have not been taught WHAT to think, rather HOW to think, find solutions & innovate.