When the IGTC Stars descended on the Star

For the past two years, the success of the Executive Business Management Programme in Pune has been solely attributed to the unbelievable contribution of the phenomenal IGTC faculty.  As the largest beneficiary of this programme, Mercedes Benz India decided that it was time to give back and warmly welcomed the IGTC Stars on Wednesday 15th February 2017 to experience the Star Hospitality! It was all thanks to the vision of Suhas Kadlaskar, Director –Human Resources and Corporate Affairs; Colleen Dsouza, General Manager Human Resources and the entire HR team at MBIL.

For the faculty members, the greatest source of happiness and smiles are the achievements of their students, and hence the day was kicked off with an interactive ‘Meet and Mingle’ with the IGTC Alumni (both PGPBA and EBMP) currently working at MBIL.  For the faculty, it was quite a surprise to see so many familiar but naughty faces, now sitting as professionals in the most envied organization.  While for the alumni, it was an amazing feeling to project their progress to their ‘gurus’ and mentors and to acknowledge the IGTC bond that connects all of them together.

Suhas Kadlaskar then took the faculty through a company presentation and shared his perspective on the growth plans of the organization by 2030.  This was followed by a Plant Visit.  However, when the plant managers are quizzed by the same faculty, who have taught them their concepts of Operations and Production Planning, Logistics and Forecasting, it is difficult to field the questions and give usual answers.  It was more like a Masterclass being conducted on the shopfloor, and it was no surprise when the usual 45 minute plant visit ended in becoming an exhaustive but extremely fruitful discussion.

Since IGTC stands for a combination of theory and practice, MBIL had fully prepared to give the IGTC faculty a practical demonstration of their superlative technology and driving experience with their coveted Performance Drive.  This only meant having one’s heart in the mouth (literally) as the ML showed its histrionics safely on a 45˚ incline, as well as demonstrated all the slopes and curves that it could tackle sometimes with not only one but two or three tires off the ground.  And when it comes to the question of training…one can only imagine how the driver was trained to perform this magic.  An absolutely unbelievable experience!

The favorite, must-dos followed – lunch, parting gifts and group photographs – to conclude the first-ever IGTC faculty outing together.  And undoubtedly, first impressions are the most lasting ones!

A heartfelt gratitude to the entire MBIL HR Team for organizing this wonderful and memorable day!!