Delegates from DIHK at IGTC

Stepping into the Corporate World - Abbas and Surbhi looking forward to future ahead in their respective organisations

Tasanya D’lima, winner of the Dr.Günter Krüger Award for Excellence 2016 receiving her DIHK Certificate by Dr.Wansleben

23rd Mar 2016

Delegation from DIHK led by Dr.Martin Wansleben, CEO of DIHK, visited IGTC on 23rd March, 2016.
Dr. Wansleben was accompanied by Dr. Jürgen Friedrich, CEO of Germany Trade and Invest, Matthias Kruse, MD of IHK Rhein-Neckar, Benjamin Leipold Head of AHK-Network of DIHK and Nadine Fund, Head South/SE Asia/ Asia Pacific of DIHK.

The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag, DIHK) is the central organisation for 79 Chambers of Commerce and Industry, CCI (Industrie- und Handelskammern, IHKs) in Germany and 90 AIHK (Auslandshandelskammern) worldwide. DIHK has been awarding Industriekauffrau and Industriekaufmann (Industrial Manager) certificate to IGTC students on successful completion of the Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration. The Certificate from DIHK has added immense value to the IGTC students and alumni and has opened opportunities to shape-up their career globally.

So when Mr.Wansleben, who personally signs these certificates every year, visiting IGTC was a perfect occasion to present the Industriekauffrau certificate to Tasanya D’lima, winner of the Dr.Günter Krüger Award for Excellence 2016 along with graduating students from PGPBA Batch 2014-2016.

Students from the graduating batch and the junior batch were present to meet the delegation. Abbas and Surbhi from the graduating batch shared their experience of IGTC and the new journey into corporate life. Their small speech interspersed with Deutsch was appreciated by the guests. Learning German language and learning about German culture through various events and meeting distinguished dignitaries has been an added advantage to student life at IGTC.

Tasanya highlighted the advantage of learning German language at IGTC while sharing her successful journey  at IGTC, ‘When we completed the 1st level of German language, we realised that this not end of it. Hence, when an opportunity was presented to us to pursue the next level of Language, we grabbed it immediately. Learning the language helped us in learning the culture as well ‘.
Tasanya would be travelling to Berlin to take German language course as a part of the Dr.Günther Krüger Award Prize.

Sharing her experience of internship at Bosch plant in Jaipur, Tasanya added, ‘I could learn a lot in the 6 months I spent at Bosch. I have studied about Production processes and Industrial engineering in college. But to see a plant working live in front of me was completely different feeling. When you see them firefighting, trying to meet deadlines, is something you will never be able to grasp just by reading the textbooks or attending lectures.’

Dr.Wansleben shared his happiness about being at IGTC and getting to meet young Indian students.
“I am very happy to be here. When people really understand India than they talk about happy people, about their incredible zest for life. I also wish that with the opportunities you get through further education at IGTC, you can pass on the happiness, the vigour to others l and motivate them to learn something”.