The Indo-German Training Centre is proud to announce the commencement of its One-Year Executive Business Management Program starting 24th July 2010.  The program aims to provide the working professionals with a holistic, cross-functional exposure to all aspects of general management.

The strength of the class includes 16 working executives from various Indo-German member companies – AWI (India) Pvt. Ltd., BASF Coatings (India) Pvt. Ltd., BASF Constructions Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bayer CropScience Ltd., Beckman Coulter India Pvt. Ltd., Doshi Group, Protos Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Siemens Information Systems Ltd., Vanaz Engineers Ltd. and Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.  These professionals come from diverse functional areas and departments of their organizations like – Automotive Aftermarkets, Accounts, Business Development, Coatings, Compacting Division, Engineering, Knowledge Management, Life Science Research, Packaging Development, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing. They bring with them tremendous years of work experience, ranging between 3 years to 23 years.

By enrolling in this program, these professionals aim to equip themselves with the essential thought process and skills required to assume leadership positions in the future at their respective organizations.

Feedback of the Executive Batch after the inauguration and orientation weekend at IGTC
It’s been wonderful. The best part is that I was made comfortable which helped me to get rid of the inhibitions. I “assumed”, it will be difficult for me to be back at school but all was put to rest and from the outset I felt that I belonged. I am pleasantly surprised by the interactive nature of the classes and that’s something great. Hope the future classes are as exciting, interactive and knowledge based as the last 2 days. All the facilities were great and I enjoyed all the sessions.
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh, Assistant Manager, BASF Coatings (India) Pvt. Limited

My experience with this program up to now is fantastic. The course duration is very conveniently planned and course content is fabulous. The program which was inaugurated on 24th July has, in just 2 days, convinced me that I have taken the right decision to join this course.
Mr. Rakesh Singh, Deputy Manager (Marketing), Bosch Limited

The sessions by the faculties were very interesting and something new. Good examples were given by them to tell us about strategic planning and organizational behaviour. Today’s session too was excellent regarding self belief, awareness, responsibility and how to unleash our potential and power.
Mr. Charles Mendes, Customer Relationship Officer, Bosch Limited 

It’s really a great learning in these two days. It’s nice to be here and part of this program. Course direction is very well planned. Hope after the completion of the program, there will be a lot of change in the things we are doing at our work place as well as in our personal life.
Mr. Mahesh Chandra Pant, Regional Trainer, Bosch Limited

It’s a great eye opener. It seems relevant on what I did in last 17 years of work life and for my past-personal life. Faculty members are the best, feels like we know each other from very long as there is one to one counseling on professional & personal life. Credit goes to IGTC people for giving us such fantastic platform to re-invent ourselves, to contribute ourselves to the society, family and professional careers. IGTC is now like my “Best Friend” and I missed them in the past. Keep it up and wish all the best to the team & self.
Mr. Sameer Rane, Sales Director, Fette Compacting Machinery India Pvt. Limited

It was a very good experience in during these two days, especially the workshop on personal effectiveness, where I am able to learn lots and overcome the problem I fear in my life. I am expecting a fruitful program ahead which will bring change in the way I am right now and can give some better result/outcome to the organization and my personal life. I am really very happy to join this program.
Mr. Ritesh Kedia, Associate Vice President – Accounts, Protos Engineering Co. Pvt. Limited

Very good experience of learning new things and excited for applying these in future life. These two days will be memorable for me as these are totally different from my routine life. Looking forward for the same till end of this nice program.
Mr. Amit S. Wagh, Assistant Manager (Q.A), Vanaz Engineers Limited

It was a great experience to learn about relationships and how to deal with people.  On the inauguration day, Mr. Moradian’s explanation on paradigm was most exciting.
Mr. Tamboli A A, Sr Manager, Vanaz Engineers Limited

Getting priorities right in terms of what matters most in life is in summary what I learned. I hope to learn to think at a higher level through this program.                                  
Mr. Erryl Alvanes, Manager, Volkswagen India Pvt. Limited

Very good experience, different mode of learning, mode of teaching excellent, examples and practical case studies – very good. In summary – exciting, thrilling, creative, balancing, personal and professional.

Mr. Amit Rane, Manager – Volkswagen India Pvt. Limited