“The beginning of a new month, the turn of a new leaf.  The air of learning; the time of transition and belief.”

In September 2021, German precision and excellence combined with Indian agility and innovation, marked the commencements of the two flagship programmes at IGTC.  Keeping all safety protocols in mind, the digitally and acoustically upgraded IGTC classrooms magnificently welcomed students in the physical mode, along with keeping an ongoing live-stream for the virtual audience.  

The Post-Graduate Programme in Business Administration, Batch 2021 – 2023 was inaugurated on 1st September 2021, while the Executive Business Management Programme, Batch 2021 – 2022 was inaugurated on 4th September 2021.  Both ceremonies commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp followed by a short prayer to bless the learning journey. To ensure full participation from those on the virtual window, a provision was also instated to light the lamp virtually.  

As a part of the induction to the PGPBA Batch, faculty Dr. Anita Bandyopadhyay engaged the students to understand faculty expectations from the batch. The simple hand clasp exercise highlighted that life was about to change and that change makes one uncomfortable and uneasy. Acceptance and a vision of new order will enable the class to readily accept challenges. In the second exercise, she placed various images on the floor in a spiral form. Students had a look at all the cards and pick 1 that they resonated the most with, in terms of their current feeling. Post which students were asked to talk personally with their batch mates and share why they selected the picture, how they felt and what has worked out for them in their life till date? This helped the students to understand each other better.  

In the last activity, she explained the IGTC Spirit and Values though the concept of ‘when you flip two negatives, you get a positive’. Negative actions were to be deleted and final positive actions to be adopted were penned down by 12 groups on 24 colourful hexagonal cut-outs. The placement of these cut-outs resulted in the shape of a beautiful butterfly.  Dr. Anita explained that the process of change will result in a lot of struggle, challenges and transformation, much like a butterfly undergoing metamorphosis.  The IGTC journey is replete with ups and down, and constant pressure just like the larva in the cocoon.  But finally, the promise is that they will all emerge and transform into butterflies.

As a part of the welcome to the EBMP Batch, IGCC Director General Stefan Halusa emphasized on the seniority of the IGTC faculty and the richness of content that makes him long to be student again.  Faculty, Shuaib Fakih, Dr. Harkant Mankad, Dr. Suhas Rane and Rajeev Chawla also addressed the incoming managers and congratulated them on their decision to adopt a student life amid the bustling corporate life.  The inauguration was followed by the first Economics lecture delivered by Dr. Harkant Mankad, who took the batch through the history of global economics. 


With the hustle of students, managers and faculty back in class, the charm of IGTC is now back at its peak. With continuous learning and engagement, we hope that the nexus of knowledge, behaviour, skill and challenges fosters the educational environment further. We wish the new learners continued support and success during their journey at IGTC.