BASF Group presented their Capstone Project

The participants of the 3rd Batch of the Executive Business Management Programme successfully completed their programme at IGTC and took one large step into a journey of life-long learning. To culminate their learning’s of the past one year the programme was concluded with a final Capstone Project where the participants took extra efforts to present significant business plans. There were 9 groups who presented over a span of two days. The projects were evaluated by distinguished faculty who suggested ways of improvement.

The projects were as follows:
1. Solar X-Ray for Siemens Ltd.
2. Mineral Water Plant for Bosch Ltd.
3. Aircoolers for Industrial Applications for Batliboi Group
4. Bosch Pharma Services for Bosch Packaging technology
5. Introduction of Innovative Construction Chemicals for Concrete Applications of BASF India
6. Palm Cab Services for HDFC Ergo
7. Gas Induction Reactor for effluent Treatment
8. Globus Slurry pump
9. Explorer – The Finishing Institute

Despite their hectic professional schedules, it was commendable that the participants had been able to sacrifice alternate weekends, giving up on personal and family time to sit through six hours of lectures, assignments, tests and projects. With perseverance, determination, time management, dedication and no doubt some perspiration, they managed to successfully complete their academic programme at IGTC and lay a strong foundation of knowledge.