Dr. Jürgen Morhard

Consul General

Federal Republic of Germany Mumbai

Congratulations to the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) on its 25th anniversary!

‘An Indian heart and a German mind’ – that is the vision which inspired the IGTC’s foundation, 25 years ago. And
that is the promise which the IGTC still makes, to each and every single one of its trainees today.

In our increasingly globalized and interconnected world, it is more important than ever to leave behind narrow- minded and short-sighted perspectives, and to embrace an open and global mindset; especially when it comes to matters of business, economics, and in particular, when it comes to training qualifications. In order to let international business relations and prosperity grow, we need to foster a new generation of excellently trained young people. Ones who are open-minded, who think independently, and who are prepared to take the challenges of an even faster changing business world to come.

After a quarter of a century, IGTC’s commitment to provide hands-on experience of top quality education, has not wavered but it has intensified.

It is wonderful to see the German Dual Education System being embraced enthusiastically by the students. They gain, not only a profound theoretical knowledge during their time at IGTC, but also enjoy the invaluable opportunity to apply their skills and know-how, while interning with some of Germany’s top companies. This partnership doesn’t only provide advantages for the students, but also for the companies, who benefit from the contribution of young employees and interns who think out of the box.

It was equally wonderfully for me to witness first-hand, the thrill, the high motivation and the dedication of the students, their teachers, their peer group and their companies, during my most recent visit to the centre.

Due to the relentless dedication of the IGTC team, the centre has expanded now, to three locations in India. During the last 25 years, IGTC has cultivated over one thousand young minds and equipped them with the skills and self confidence, necessary to take on managerial challenges. And now, more than two decades after the first IGTC generation began their training, the centre is able to proudly look back on legions of students, who have used their training as a stepping stone for a successful and exciting career.

May IGTC’s success story continue for the decades to come and may the spirit of ‘An Indian heart and a German
mind’ serve well for many more generations of students!