Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Between the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, a group of 100 PGPBA students and 41 EBMP Pune managers took on the roles of learners at IGTC. An unrestrained journey; involving constant changes of various degrees at IGTC, collaborating with peers, exploring new perspectives and learning from their mistakes; they were really confronted with the precipice of life. However, with sheer resilience, they have truly evolved.

41 managers of EBMP Pune Batch 2020 scaled mountains to finally reach the academic summit on 3rd August 2021 at the Oxford Gold Resort, Pune. For the Certificate Awarding Ceremony, faculty Dr. Anita Bandyopadhyay engaged the graduating managers to reminisce their academic journey. She used a tree as a metaphor and symbol of growth and advancement to represent their experience with various dimensions encountered during the programme.

  • The roots symbolise IGTC as an institute; the heart, soul and strength.
  • The soil represents the IGTC Team; the anchors and nurturers.
  • The trunk signifies the EBMP; the fortress and support system. 
  • The leaves embody the Faculty; the builders and drivers.
  • The flowers denote fellow IGTCians; the learners and troublemakers.

The other prominent messages coming out of this activity included transformation, challenges, friendship, lifelong learning to capture a few. The highlight of the ceremony was the Victory Drum Circle: a Drum – Strum – Hum session, where the rhythm of the beating drums, the metallic jingle of the tambourine and the roars of joys marked their triumphant voyage.

The Post-Graduate Programme in Business Administration

Close to 70 students gathered personally at the Hotel Intercontinental, Mumbai while the rest joined online on Saturday, 7th August 2021 to witness the culmination of their 18-month PGPBA journey.  With over 97% placed, every student’s face told a different story: stories of successes, triumphs, growth and hope for a brighter future.  While all of them were overjoyed to finally receive their graduation degrees, the greatest underlying emotion was euphoria to meet their peers, faculty and the IGTC team.

The ceremony included the distribution of awards to the various student recipients: 

  • IGCC’s Dr. Günter Kruger Award for Excellence to Rashmi Rao and Yashashree Borse
  • Siemens’s Excellence Award to Ronak Contractor and Yashashree Borse
  • Bayer’s Championing Success Award to Mrunali Jadhav, Rashmi Rao and Vanalika Bhuta
  • BASF’s Award for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance to Durgesh Kaushik

IGTC in its most personalized ceremonies invited the esteemed faculty to be Chief Guests, and give out the truly deserved certificates and trophies. The pride on the face of every PGPBA student and EBMP manager donning a cap and a gown was a sight to behold.  

From engaging presentations in class to asking whether their voices are audible on zoom, the two batches have come a long way. The journey of the two batches ended here on an emotional yet cheerful note. The bond, affection and love continues forever.  We wish all the students and mangers every success on their continued personal and corporate journeys.