Ms. Jyotsana Srivastava, Head CSR & Sustainability conducts an interactive session on Sustainability and CSR

Mr Vaibhav Ganpule and Mr Pradeep Naik, Manager, Accounting talks on Corporate Governance in Finance

Mr. Christian Schroepfer, Senior Manager, Corporate Communication speaks on the importance of Brand image

Mr. Manohar Kamath, Manager, Legal on Evolution of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics in India

Mr. Pradeep Chandan, Head, Legal stresses on Corporate Governance begins with Self Governance

For the 5th time, BASF India conducted the seminar series in collaboration with IGTC in order to promote good governance practices among the student community. The objective of the seminar series is to sensitize and prepare the youth to emerge as responsible corporate citizens.

Dr. Raman Ramachandran, Head South Asia, Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India at the inauguration lecture highlighted that values must not only be accepted but truly believed and practiced by all the employees of the company.

Other lectures were conducted by senior BASF managers whom train students on all practical aspects of governance and ethical issues in different functional areas such as Procurement, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Sustainability and CSR.