Bosch Ltd.

Soumitra Bhattacharya

Joint Managing Director

Bosch Ltd.

BR Suresh

Sr. Vice President and Country Head, HR

Bosch Ltd.

The association between Bosch in India and IGTC runs deep for more than 25 years. With over 70 IGTC alumni in Bosch over a period of time, there are a lot of success stories of managerial and leadership positions being held by their former students.

The IGTC program has evolved over the years by taking valuable inputs from their partner organizations. Hence the curricula and the pattern of the course has always been industry relevant. The rigorous internships of students with the organizations help them understand various functional aspects and the entire industry life cycle on the whole.

Bosch Group has been a proud partner in aiding this process by selecting interns every year and ensuring cross functional projects for their learning. Many of these interns and the other IGTC students have year on year proved their capabilities, and have become a part of the Bosch family as our employees.

The Executive Business Management Program (EBMP) helps young professionals from Bosch, to sharpen their managerial prowess and go back to the classroom for advance skill development. This success of the EBMP partnership is evident from the increasing applicants from within Bosch year on year.

Many such distinguishing practices of IGTC with their partner organizations, has helped in creating an environment which fosters continuous learning and healthy growth for the students, as well as the industry